“Should I Buy in Corsica?”, Chronicles of Gaspard Proust

March 20, 2022 5 pm

You may get used to the unpredictable nature of news. It should be recognized that few experts could have predicted that the end of the inner mask would coincide with the beginning of the outer iodine pill. My determined optimistic spirit is an invitation to abandon nostalgia for the sea air, commentary on what induces anxiety, and focus on these places that immediately evoke calm and peace, of course Corsica. Found on the island.

No other subject is as consensual as Corsica. You will never find a continent with a house that criticizes the place. Everyone is delighted and full of praise for the island and its inhabitants. Personally, I didn’t have the talent to invest in it, but what do you want in life, and like me, I’m sure we’re selling off a square meter of Odessa now. There are people who are or Mariupol.


The good news is that even if you buy a house in Corsica, it will never be entirely yours.


However, uncertain geopolitical conditions offer opportunities, so many French ask themselves at this point. “” Is it a good time to buy on the island? »» In fact, this is a nonsensical question. Because even if you buy a house in Corsica, it will never be wholly yours. This is the reason why it is so attractive. It puts you in a very special position as a tort occupant who pays all invoices. Beyond real estate, she has the talent to put you in the “other” position. More than a roof, it constitutes a true educational path.

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By the way, it’s easy to see that this kind of investment is directed at the people on the left.In addition to the indescribable charm of living in a certain place A place where you don’t feel like you’re at home “The unstable nature of title certificates relieves the bad conscience of owning overpriced ground assets. The pure heart is worse than the guilt of an intermittent worker who inadvertently bought in Paris when the price per square meter was still affordable in Paris to make a profit later. I know it’s not. Fortunately, these cases are extremely rare. Most of them were soon sold and left to donate capital gains to Emmaus and live in ZAD. There, a faded photo of Proudhon nailed to the wreckage of a strawberry crate still functions as a pagan cross today.


Finally, some are worried about the risk of future independence on Corsica.Not tomorrow


To explain a little technique, it seems that a lot of real estate was built on land where we could forget that the bomb exploded in World War II, despite the seemingly harmless real estate diagnosis. Let’s specify them all in the same way. For those who like to reconcile the real estate, weapons industry and the ruins of Dresden, it’s clearly a must, but those who aren’t too keen on this explosive combo can rest assured. It has a visual appeal that protects very well from the playfulness of the basement.Therefore, change your T-shirt when you arrive on the island “Justice for Adama” For signed ones “Justice of Colonna” It will be a very effective protection.

Finally, some are worried about the risk of future independence on Corsica. Not tomorrow. Despite government efforts, France still imports more than 95% of its figatel and brocciu from the island of beauty. To make matters worse, the island monopolizes the yellow-labeled version of the Corsica ferry. This medal, which unites all the veterans waiting for the ferry at the Bastia dock, cannot be overlooked on the magnificent rear windshield.

A direct sibling relationship is established between those who own it, such as those who complain about the emperor. So, in vain, on the highway, I overtake at 180 km / h in a German car, drag myself at 110 in a French car, our eyes meet, smiles are made, our eyes are friendly Shines like a car. “” I was there too !! »» In honor.