Singer Daniel Levy, translator of ‘Lust for Love’ and ‘This Blue Dream’ dies

Singer Daniel Levy (left) speaks alongside MTV presenter Ray Cokes during the 16th Annual Music Festival on the Olympia stage in Paris on February 17, 2001.

French singer Daniel Levy, famous interpreter desire to love, passed away on Saturday, August 6, at the age of 60, his wife announced in the evening. The funeral of the artist, who was born in Constantine in 1961, will take place on Sunday at Marseille’s Jewish cemetery Saint-Pierre, Sandrine Levy said on the artist’s Instagram account.

Daniel Levy “It was a unique and powerful voice. Fighting too: climate, caregivers, fighting racism, helping Lebanon, he was reluctant to commit himself to making the world a little better.” did not. Twitter of Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture.

Already the father of three children from his first marriage, His last appearance on social networks On the occasion of the birth of her fourth child. On July 15, a girl was born from the union with Sandrine Abkrat. The latter announced on Instagram on Thursday: ” time [était] account “ and asked her to pray for her husband.

Incarnation of Moses in the “Ten Commandments”

Daniel Levy spent his childhood in Lyon as Benjamin in a family of seven children and studied piano for ten years. He started his career in the early 1980s with his first album, Cocktails not enjoy the expected success.

After several high-profile collaborations, including with Gloria Gaynor, who hired him for the first part of a European tour, and Michel Legrand, who offered him to record a song from a film soundtrack. parking Daniel Levi participated in his first musical in 1991, by Jacques Demy (1985).

He interprets the roles of Frédéric Chopin and Alfred de Musset in the show sand and romanticism, written by Catherine Lara and Luc Plamondon. In 1993 he recorded this blue dreamcartoon song Aladdin From Disney. This duet with singer Carine Costa will make him better known and mark a generation.

In 2000, Daniel Levy Knows the Consecration for the role of Moses in the musical comedy by Ellie Chulaki and Pascal Obispo Ten Commandmentsand its representative song desire to love.

The final album was released in February last year.

The musical is a triumph in weeks and tours at the Palais des Sports. The album sold his 1.3 million copies, according to Universal Music France. After stopping Ten Commandments, Daniel Levy resumed his solo career, his compositions taking on jazz, soul music and French varieties. In total, Daniel Levy has released 6 solo albums.

In 2019, Daniel Levy announced during the show that he had colon cancer. gorgeous show at voltage radio station. In remission, he has been following a new treatment protocol since the end of July.

The singer released a new album in February 2021. Thanks to youA very personal seventh piece, “Regeneration after a long illness”Explaining Elodie Suigo on the program Elodie’s world at franceinfo.