Ski resort is being replenished

At the beginning of May, there is still a short week to analyze. However, according to the National Mountain Observatory, French resorts are almost regaining winter customers with a 69% occupancy, one point behind 2019-2020. “This is a good record,” says Pierre Vollaire, mayor of the Southern Alps, Les Orres (569 residents, 15,000 beds), vice president of the National Mountain Resort Mayors Conference (ANMSM). Village clubs suffered even more, at 68% instead of 78%. However, all other accommodations outperform previous results. “

Return to the slopes

On the slopes, skiers have increased their skier days by 4% compared to the average of the last four seasons from 2015 to 2019, as assessed by the Domaine Skiables de France (DSF). “It’s a great season,” says DSF CEO Laurent Reynaud. At the end of 2021, there was a headwind between the Delta and Omicron waves, a 72-hour health pass was implemented at the start, and there were restrictions on foreigners … this ultimately had little impact on customers. And we found a real desire to ski. “

To ski? “Compared to the already great season of 2018-2019, sales are over 5%, a record year for us!” Said Jean-Marc Simon, General Manager of the Ski Instructors Association, and the French ski school. (ESF). Apart from the Autozarp and Alpes Maritimes, there was the sun and snow. And above all, it reassured us against all pessimistic scenarios. I noticed a strong desire for skiing. “

For alpine skiing … and what about Scandinavian and touring skis developed in the winter of 2020-2021? “Opportunity activity back to previous levels is about 5% of our numbers,” continues the CEO. “Last year, hiking and Nordic skiing were exceptional, with attendance quadrupled in some places,” said the DSF director. However, there is a demonstration that taking the last two years back a step further would make the mountains less attractive without alpine skiing. Two out of three customers don’t come … “

Diversification of activities

Indeed, ANMSM’s Pierre Vollaire admits: However, we have noticed that people are less skiing during the day and are consuming more differentiated activities. For example, Resol has a 10% increase in sales compared to 2018-2019, with + 8% better for ski lifts, but + 100% for 360 ° toboganing and 50% for ice rinks and ziplines. Did. Snowshoes went well. You need to develop them while maintaining the ski engine. “

At the same time as this development in sports practice, at ESF, Jean-Marc Simon is also paying attention to the arrival of “adult French customers who were discovering skis”, especially in January. It’s still thrilling, but I sincerely hope that these skiers will be back. A French ski school confirmed in a January survey that 96% of instructors believe that they are “very enthusiastic about the success of the resort.” It was handed over this winter through a donation fund from another actor. (1)€ 371,000 to support a discovery class in the mountains, which has been declining for years.

“This initiative is supported by various actors at the station. We welcome Jean-Marc Simon. It is imperative that the most young people discover our territory and our sport. And it is a mountain. It’s also one of the best ways to regenerate an audience of enthusiasts. “

Sports stores have achieved + 18% activity compared to 2019-20

The Sports and Cycle Union (USC) has approximately 1,500 member sports stores and offers its own tables from 2021 to 2022, with + 18% activity compared to 2019-2020. increase. “This is important. Even if this season is suddenly interrupted by Covid on March 15, 2020, USC Mountain Manager Bryce Blancard points out. The most exceptional record ever recorded. It was about to be a season. “

In the case of USF, alpine skiing still accounts for 95% of rental sales (which is still related to 70% of customers) and other activities: snowshoeing, sledding, dog sledding … consumption is changing Masu, explains Bryce Blancard. Holidaymakers do not necessarily have to take a weekly ski pass and ski rental. They are testing other activities. And, according to UCS Mountain Specialists, this move could be seen by new non-skier young adult customers arriving earlier this year. “They commented that they came to the mountains and probably used to go to the sea, and they are interested in everything. Not only alpine skiing, but also walking, sledding, ice skating …


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Enfance & Montagne, a national donation fund for mountain discovery classes, is € 200,000 by a national coalition of ski instructors (the rest from partners and other sources such as Poma, Dauphiné Libéré, les Deux Marmottes, Banque Populaire and Atout France). Added. This season, we have funded 70 primary classes and 9,000 children from all regions of France, each with € 1,000. Back to text