Skiing. FFS presidential election passes Montblanc Commission

This selective appointment to the Montblanc Steering Committee, scheduled for Saturday, April 30, in Saint-Gervais, is home to Anchantal Pigerregrevi and will be a pre-tour for the next election to the FFS Steering Committee. I promise that. The president or his name will be announced in Dijon on June 4th.

FFS Ann’s current president-Chantal Pigelet-with Grévy Fabian Sages, former DTN fired at ChamonyIs one of the 26 applicants enrolled to run for one of the 20 positions voted on Saturday within the Osavois Commission, aiming for the highest position in the FFS. Positions in addition to members of rights already specified (read elsewhere).

Against the backdrop of lack of loyalty, Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy and Fabien Saguez will meet again on Saturday in this first rap vote, which looks like a face, especially after clashing with the media at and Le Dauphiné Libéré. -As a Justice of the Peace, this ballot for integrating the Commission’s Steering Committee could be a stepping stone to the FFS.

Fabian Sages. Photo agency ZOOM

Fabian Sages. Photo agency ZOOM

Fabian Sages modest

The former DTN, which hasn’t been noticeable since the layoff on April 1, is close to the list supported by the Commission’s big four competition clubs, the “Big Four,” namely Chamony, Mejeve, La Crusas, and Grand Bornan. .. Other clubs can participate.

The whole will account for almost 50% of the votes. Former champions such as Julie Duvillad of Mejeve, Richard Gay, and Thomas Fanara of Praise-sur-Early (if his candidacy is accepted given the seemingly delayed submission) are Fabian Sages’s. I’m behind. You may have to run for his presidency because there is no voluntary profile of the positions on this list.

Anchantal Pigeret. Photo agency ZOOM

Anchantal Pigeret. Photo agency ZOOM

Email Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy Club

On her side, Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy, who can benefit from the support of leisure clubs and some more competitive clubs, cultivated the territory and sent a long email to the majority of the president last Friday. Montblanc Committee … Except for “Big Four”. Ski Chrono is a profession of faith that could be read, looking back on her records when she was chairman of the Montblanc Commission and during her first months as president of her federation. “As President of the FFS, I owe you an explanation of the problematic situation in which the media was relayed in a fragmented, false, and partisan way,” she wrote.

In the process, she repeatedly criticizes “the hostile environment exacerbated by DTN Fabian Sages … lack of loyalty, degrading behavior, a series of denials …”. Departure, according to Fabian Sages, a file that is no longer relevant.

In a letter asking the Minister of Sports to terminate the function of DTN, she agrees to admit the mistake. “Today I should have shared it and exchanged it with you, so I regret it in the form … that note. »»

The passion at the heart of its federal program” project while slipping into email. Vision 2026 for a powerful federation! The presidential election campaign cannot start until May 24, but she reveals her concerns about election representativeness in this email and takes pride in the big club.

If Parity, which guarantees 40% of a woman’s status (that is, 8 out of 20 positions while there are currently 11 candidates) favors Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy, according to the voting method, The list says nothing. Win a majority. In this scenario, she was in a delicate position in the June 4 FFS Steering Committee election and was largely unsupported by the committee behind Fabian Sages. However, only if the latter is also elected.

Montblanc: Election Instructions

Held on Saturday during the General Assembly in Saint-Gervais, the ballot contains 26 candidates (15 men / 11 women) in 20 positions submitted to the votes of 116 clubs listed in Haute-Savoie. ) Vote for about 20,000 licensees. Eight positions are also assigned to members from the right: four district presidents (Stephanie Brondex in the Montblanc district, do not count towards the eight assignments in Parity, Rafael Delabay in Chablais, Alve Giffre and Remi Mark. Clazz-Michel Morand of Arabis); Stephen de Roche of the French Ski Instructors Union (SNMSF). Yannick Jorat of the French Ski Area (DSF); And finally, the leisure club Raphaël Jacquier (Bons-en-Chablais) has only one representative if there are two places on the right.

According to the voting method, 8 out of 20 locations are reserved for elected executive committee women with different electoral representatives depending on the nature of the club and its licensees. If a leisure license gives one vote, a competitor’s license is worth 50 votes, and a high-level license (such as Grand-Bornand’s Tessa Worley license) is worth 250 votes, benefiting the resort club. Bring. Another factor that can affect results is the base year considered for licenses in 2020-2021, when leisure clubs do not work and therefore few or no licenses are issued. ..

The president is elected from among those elected by the Montblanc Steering Committee. However, any elected member of the Montblanc Steering Committee can run for the FFS Steering Committee election on June 4. This is a necessary step to run for Dijon’s highest mission. But it’s better to run for this election with the support of a majority of the regional committees …