snow. Six Commission Rebellions Against FFS President

This is a new episode of the FFS presidential election campaign scheduled for June 4th in Dijon, the day after the elections held by 17 regional committees, including Saboa, who opened the ball last night.

In a press release addressed to Ski Chrono, six committees (Auvergne, Dauphiné, Alpes Provence, Cote d’Azur, Ile de France, Savoie), which may look like slings, were elected for several months on July 11th. An alternative to the announced candidacy for the second phase of Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy.

“Following the Steering Committee on March 21, the chairs of the regional committees of Auvergne, Dauphiné, Alpes Provence, Cote d’Azur, Ile de France, Savoie, and the other members of the Steering Committee are Anne-Chantal Pigelet- A letter sent by President Grévy to the institution. I strongly regret that the existence of a single letter was confirmed during this steering committee, “said the press release.

Common list, program, candidates to be decided in early May

The signatories of this press release, sent to all regional committee presidents this morning, will return to the “letter” sent by Anne-Chantal Pigelet-Grévy. We read and read the letter sent by the President to the Minister of Sports. She condemns the lack of loyalty of DTN Fabian Sages (who demanded a layoff on April 1), strongly suggesting its departure. In another context, the president, who explained that DTN would have entrusted the intention of availability from November to sports director Jill Kennerbe, said that the result of this generous sport at the Olympics would be the possibility of France. I also mentioned that it was not enough.

But if the signer refers to “these characters” in the plural, what does the signer mean and what are they? I heard a letter addressed to Delphine Ernotte, the president of France Television, but I don’t understand the contents.

And for the rest of the press release, the signer drives the point home. “A common representative of the French Ski Association’s governing board to guarantee the image of the FFS, support the French team in the best possible condition and develop leisure ski offers. It was decided to make a list. (FFS) Considering the June 4th federal elections. Following the elections at the regional committee, a list of candidates was made with their program and June. The names of the candidates for the election on the 4th will be announced.

Once the status of the regional committee, especially the Montblanc Commission, which is scheduled to vote on April 30, is defined, the program and candidates will be determined. Ann Chantal Pigele-Grevi needs to be there, just as Fabian Sages decides to run for president. He is still thinking.

For the time being, the addition of these six committees is equivalent to 351 votes out of the 640 counted by the 17 committees, according to observers.

And what if the FFS presidency returns to the third profile?

But don’t assume that the FFS world’s first announcement of this common list was the starting point for the previous DTN. That could be the case, but it could be the starting point for a third way with candidates whose profiles can be found among the six committees at the origin of this sling. “This list respects women’s and men’s equality in accordance with FFS legislation and national representatives of various ski committees elected by club licensees who share its value. Based on the June 4 elections. We hope that a team of elected executives from all disciplines will be able to carry out gentle campaigns with proven skills to avoid the gaps of the last few weeks that have undermined the image of the federation. And its licensee. ”

Inevitably, this approach, triggered on the evening eve of Kronosdor, scheduled for Wednesday in Annecy, will affect the campaign and presidential elections.