Soccer: Eric Chitcatt chose Morocco for CAN

Eric Chitcat will accompany him as a mental trainer in the selection of Moroccan women at the Africa Cup of Nations. Amiens reveals the secrets of his technique to best prepare his brain for competition.

Morocco opens can Woman, Saturday. The final version dates back to 2018, but a few weeks of dedication to the preparation of the entire group.Eric Chitcat has taken off June 8 I will go to Rabat at the end of the evening. He joined the Moroccan women’s soccer team and the staff of the coaches there. Reynard Pedros.. Alongside the former Olympique Lyonnais female coach, Picard’s mission is to prepare athletes mentally.If he likes the term “Performance coach” It “Mental trainer”He participated “In some areas” He explains: brain It’s emotions, concentration, vision, movement, negative thoughts, restrictive beliefs, it’s our engine. »»

With a selection service from February, Eric Chitcat will bring in his luggage and his gadgets and his methodology.Know-how he has already experienced in other situations with success, whether at Amiens SC or not Christoph PerissierIn Gosick Mario Rich Or with the French fencing team. However, this is the first time he has accompanied the national team during the tournament. And the stakes are high. Indeed, the team in the last square is World Cup 2023 In Australia and New Zealand.

Eric Chitcat Trainer Pedros
Eric Chitcat supports Reynald Pedros (right), the coach of the Moroccan women’s team.

“That’s the real purpose. The federation has been working on the development of women’s football in Morocco for two years. The King and the Minister of Sports have a real desire to promote women’s football.» » In this context, everything is done to ensure that the choice achieves its purpose, and mental preparation is no exception.

Technology to help performance

The Chitcatt method is divided into three axes. “The first job we did with all the girls and staff wasIdentify the psychological profile each. I worked on exercise preferences and emotional profiles. The coach then set up an interview to see how they could work. »» From these tests, Eric Chitcatt creates analyzes and models that staff can use. The Moroccan group is so heterogeneous that it is an even more valuable tool. ” Some players need a lot of protection, while others need a lot of inspiration. »» The locker room speaks Arabic, English and French. Some athletes evolve in foreign championships, but high-level athletes in national championships are in a special position because they are hired by the Moroccan army.

Eric Chitcat
Visual stimulation is central to Eric Chitcatt’s method.

Second time “we Mental readiness diagnosis We can identify the level of stress, challenge, performance, proficiency, and boredom of each player and provide tools to address this in this regard. I don’t decide anything, I never give an opinion about the player, I just give her character. »» Thus, 52-year-old Amiens not only gives the staff the key to understanding, but also helps athletes perform. For mental preparation to be effective, “You have to decide, you can’t put out the pressure, you have to change it by saying: I need to do it.» »

Eric Chitcatt was discovered by the Moroccan Academy, thanks to his video posted on YouTube.

finally, “The third part of the work is done on the pitch and training holes. We make Visual stimulus.. »» Therefore, 3D glasses and sensors of all kinds will liven up your daily session. “We know how to say it, but we haven’t succeeded in demonstrating that visual stimuli can respond more quickly and maintain concentration.» » These exercises, with and without the ball, can incorporate information, motor skills, and coordination. An indispensable function for top athletes. Little is known about these methods in France, but even lesser in Morocco. “There is everything to do”But the Moroccans “Open” Eric Chitcat says. The protocol he developed will be used at the training center of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.

Julian Benestow
Photo provider: DR