Soccer OL-OL: Has Peter Bosz been fired? Lyone gets angry! -Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais couldn’t win on the road to Reims, which probably marks the end of hopes for the League One podium, and the danger of not being European this season is great.

Three days after winning the Europa League quarter-final ticket, Peter Bosz’s office lady once again showed that he couldn’t put together a good performance by scoring a sad 0-0 in Reims. And perhaps only Jean-Michel Auras and his coach seriously believe that Lyon will be able to get tickets for the next Champions League through League One this 29 days after League One. , This is not a natural conclusion. Despite this unsuitable 10th place for Olympique Lyonnais, Peter Bosz enjoys relatively public trust and has forgiven almost everything since signing last summer. However, dissatisfaction is still taking root, ” You look amazing “The game you’d expect when a boss often receives the key to an office lady who has turned into a blunder. So for Olympique Lyonnais’s famous YouTube and Twitter supporter Zack, he put his foot on the plate and coached him. It’s time to work on this case.

Peter Bosz under the protection of Lyon’s Auras?

Through Twitter, influencers do not cut corners, letting Peter Bosz confront his responsibilities and the reality of his consequences, wondering if the latter can benefit very generously from the masses. thought. Olympique Lyonnais. “Four2 points in 29 games, 10 draws, 8 losses, less than 1.5 points per game, rarely wins in 1 out of 3 games. In League One for the 19/20 season. There are multiple factors, lack of success, players who haven’t reached the level, non-faded sports plans, off-field issues, but on the field, the team has only won two league 1 wins this season. Twice brothers, twice. It’s terrible, there are performances here and there that mislead you like Nice and Porto, but the boss also through his choices and his work has a share of his responsibilities in things. Anyway, it surprises me not only because I’m aiming at him, but also because he’s exempt from his responsibilities.The team doesn’t have to be badly built and the attackers haven’t crashed (this is true), the players take full responsibility for them, now you take: Angers, Mets, Reims x2, Brest , Clermon, Bordeaux and you have 5 points Yes Yes Guardiola is 10th in L1 of this team: Emerson, Boateng, Shaqiri (he verified), Fible, N Domberé It’s 5 recruits, he’s 9 I didn’t have a person, but I have to stop delirium to escape all responsibility “, Infuriates Zack. Zack logically responded to some of his nearly 400,000 followers.

And inevitably, Peter Bosz fans have coaches chosen last summer by Jean-Michel Auras, Juninho and Vincent Ponso, even though Christophe Galtier was openly the first choice for office ladies. I stepped up to protect it. Therefore, the comment is a Dutch engineer “Bosz cannot be held responsible for Zack. What do you want to do with such a team?He lacks players in all important positions and only poop is available for attacks », « I don’t think bosses are a problem in real life. I will stay on his train.Players on the field don’t do the right thing, and low blocks are still the same problem », « Why do you want to fire your coach? What do you want him to do with this team? He has no good substitute and cannot change teams. He wanted a player in a particular position, but he didn’t get anything.It’s not the coach’s fault that we are in 10th place “. Anyway, Peter Bosz ends the season on the bench at Olympique Lyonnais. It’s still unclear what will happen to him if the Rhone club fails to qualify for the Europa League.