Soccer-Premier League: Manchester City, the wealthiest club in the world, knows no danger

The 2020-21 season, in other words the season of confinement, could be foreseen to give these clubs and these championships, which were the least dependent on the ticket office, more room to increase sales. rice field. These front lines were clearly England, strong against television contracts that had a nose extending in the middle of a pandemic.

And with a new record of over 11 Premier League clubs, it’s on the top 20 of the new Football Rich List. This is a report published by London accounting firm Deloitte at the end of each winter since 1997. The other three, Leeds United, Southampton and Newcastle (Mike Ashley, not Saudi) are also in the top 30. No, the “bubble” of British football hasn’t collapsed yet. It continues to grow and is increasingly obscuring competition.

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Big League Manchester City

That’s no surprise. One consists of the club’s identity, which appears first in the Deloitte rankings. Since the existence of this ranking, it is the number one shared only by the three football institutions in the world, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona. A trio that needs to add British Champions, League Cup winners and Champions League finalists Manchester City.

Manchester city

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Mankunian Club sales increased from £ 12.7m to £ 571.1m (€ 644.9m) between 1997 and 2021, an increase of almost 4500%. However, Manchester City was sixth only to Liverpool in this hit parade a year ago, but also followed Manchester United. How can such a reversal be explained? While the incomes of all other European clubs are declining (and, as in Barcelona, ​​sales have fallen from € 713.4 million to € 582.1 in 12 months), citizens are almost 100 million in their sales?

The result is there for a moment. Citi’s long run in the Champions League and the third national title of the Guardiola era received the rewards they deserved. Nonetheless, the secret to the financial success of the Shakeman Sur Club lies elsewhere, but speaking of the “secret”, anyone who goes to Etihad (well, well!) Sees it. Being able to see is to take a certain freedom of language Kevin De Bruyne’s teammates’ shirts, scoreboards, and all the letters on the illuminated panel. On match day, the club sponsor’s name and message will scroll continuously.

Crazy partner, United Arab Emirates

The secret, not the secret, is the business relationships that Manchester City has built with an astonishing number of companies, many of which happen to be directly related to the UAE and virtually non-existent in the UK. This is the true origin of the miracle.

As any Gulf expert can confirm, this kind of relationship is being established in the region, even with the encouragement of the prince on the throne, with a blessing. The prince is the president of the United Arab Emirates, the chief of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and … the half-brother of Sheikh Mansour, the nominal owner of Manchester City. He himself is the Deputy Chief of the United Arab Emirates. Not many doubt that it will serve as an elder fig leaf.

Etihad Stadium

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Therefore, Manchester City has this incredible opportunity. A new sponsor based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (“Expo Dubai” and real estate company Alder) has emerged when the financial crisis could be affected by a pandemic. Davi (Renewable Energy Company Masdar, “Visit Abu Dhabi”-in the middle of a pandemic-and the very luxurious Hotel Emirates Palace). These names have been added to the names of “historic” partners such as Etisalat, the Emirati telecommunications group that has been linked to City since 2009, and, of course, the airline Etihad, which paid nearly € 500 million for naming rights. it was done. Manchester Stadium in 2011.

In the case of Citi, as in the case of PSG, the question asked 1000 times is the question of overestimating the value of sponsorship contracts that allow these clubs to avoid the weak obstacles that are hindered by the fair play mechanism. Funds from .UEFA. Weak and even useless. Neither club was punished as severely as expected of the freedom received by the rules of European institutions. The city was excluded from the UEFA competition in the first two seasons before the CAS revoked the sanctions in July 2020. Financial Fair Play was one of Covid’s first victims in the football world. Meanwhile, Manchester City has risen to the top of its class unscathed.

Financial fair play that doesn’t exist?

As a result, pre-Messi Barça clubs, Klopp’s Liverpool, and even clubs like Manchester United are the most powerful clubs in the world with commercial staff, lagging their citizens in terms of commercial revenue, but overall. The fan base is much larger than Manchester City. That British football dominates other footballs is still valid given the results in Europe and its immense popularity around the world. He knew how to sell himself more than others, that’s right.

Raheem Sterling-Pep Guardiola-Bernardo Silva, edited by Quentin Guichard

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But, as Citi’s example shows, as Chelsea’s example showed earlier, and Newcastle could appear even more dramatically in the coming months, the Premier League isn’t comparable to shutting down either. As a “chart” letter undertaken by the presidents of 20 clubs to pay homage to practices that contradict the spirit.

This is where he came from and where he played football, to regulators outside the Premier League. The idea isn’t new, but it gained credibility after the work of a committee led by former conservative sports minister Tracey Crouch. That recommendation will radically change the landscape of British football. It is not said that they will be adopted. Diplomatic interests, as well as economic ones, always take precedence over the majority of fans’ desire for justice. In other words, Manchester City is not ready to get off the pedestal, regardless of the weapons placed there.

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