Sophian Katy opposed the undefeated Italian champion of the Mediterranean IBO belt: “No one worries me anymore”

We left him in December with points in a higher weight category than him. Despite scoring Martin Owono’s points at the Maison de Sport in front of the crowd, Sophian Katy did not hide his questions about his future and training conditions.

Winner of Martin Owono’s Sophian Katy at The Nevers Gala: “It wasn’t that easy.”

“I had two months in the dark. I wanted to leave,” said the 29-year-old middleweight (72.574 kg), whose professional career at the Citizen Boxing Academy (ABC) (12 races, 10). I admit that I can hardly do anything more in the management of (Katsu).

«Tarek (Kaidouri) You can’t afford to focus on a single boxer. He has already done everything in the club. But I don’t know how he managed it. He was able to hire a second Tarek. (He laughs) “, Former BC Imphycois Adil Rehahli person.” With a new voice, a new presence has done a lot of good things to me. »»

It cheered him up knowing that he had those prospects. It’s easy to come to the room. I feel it in the session. He is less reluctant and more enthusiastic. He’s like that Sophian, he needs a goal to be included in it.

tarek khaidouri (Sophian Katy’s coach)

Over the course of a few weeks, the horizon suddenly cleared up on two very good occasions. The first concrete one is Italy, an hour from Venice, about the Mediterranean IBO belt this Sunday. The second, which has not yet been confirmed, is the battle for the title of French champion. Because Neversova, ranked number one in his weight category, is a natural and legitimate challenger.

“I cheered him up to know that he had these prospects,” admits his trainer Tarek Khaidouri. “It’s easy to come to the room. I feel in the session. He’s less reluctant and more enthusiastic. He’s like that Sophian, he needs a goal to be included in it.» »

premium Neversois Sofiane Khati, ranked number one by means, is heading for the French Championship

“I don’t like to train without being aware of the opponent’s face. 2019 Criterium National Espoir winner Sophian Katy explains,” It seems depressing. ” If you say “yes” to the battle, you can’t go back.This motivates me and moves me forward, “especially after the air holes born of Covid. (White season in 2020).. “It’s not just a sport, it’s an economic one,” continued Tarek Kaidouri, as if better reminding his disciples to work by his side, despite his position. increase.

2 losses in 2021

Recently, Sophian Katy has taken a priority neighborhood referent position at the Niable Habitat branch of Grande Patul, juggling boxing, his family life, and his role as a young dad (his). My son Imran is 18 months old).

The IBO and the national belt are all page-turning opportunities in 2021 and his defeat to Germany’s Vincenzo Guartieri (in the case of the IBO Continental Belt) and Poitebin Frank Zimmer only twice in the French Cup semifinals. is. “It’s almost normal to lose to the Germans in Berlin. This is the downside of boxing. I know what happens to my boxer at home … the same goes for the French star. He knocks out his opponent and scores. You will be a loser. Imagine … “

Even more painful was the defeat against Zimmer, who had previously dominated twice, including the Criterium final. “All the commentators on the specialty channel have given me a win. It tasted bitter. This is a classic example of bad decisions that can affect your career, especially from behind. (Zimmer) He won the Coupe de France and participated in the French Championship. The belt should be in The Nevers today … “

“These battles will help me,” continues Sophian Katy. “I remember 12 rounds in Germany. I was under pressure. It was my first time. I thought I couldn’t stand it. It passed by, it was quiet and it gave me confidence. Now I know I have them. »»

“With me, he needs to raise them (hands).”

Este, Neversova protects clean and technical boxing. Maybe too much to go one step further? “He is physically tired of himself and afraid to put himself in the red,” holds Tarek Kaidouri. “But you have to experience it, especially when you’re at your opponent.” Like this Sunday on July 10. “In the 10th round, after getting the first 3-4 temperatures. You cannot tell yourself that you are attacking. You must position yourself as the master of the ring from the beginning. This will give you better control over your work and recovery times. »»

Outside, Sophian Katy will be warned. Her victory dominates the debate with Italian double champion Italo Nigeria’s Etinosa “El Chapo” Oliha, 24, and is undefeated in 15 battles. “I watched a video of his fight. He works a lot on the bottom with hooks and uppercuts on his body,” analyzes Tarek Kaidouri. “We worked on the blockage. Sophian has nothing to envy him.” “He has his hands low. With me, he needs to lift them,” said the Paris region ( Sophian Katy, who prepared a week-long training camp in Corbeil-Essonne, Massy, ​​Montgeron) adds. “I wore gloves with Bilèl Jkitou

And Karilo Dembele (**) I handled by hand (he smiles). Anyway, no one worries me anymore … no matter what happens, I want to tell you 10 rounds of fire, madness, and that they remember my name. »»

WBC super welterweight Mediterranean champion (2018, 2020), WBC super welterweight Francophone champion (2019-2021). (**) Massycois was beaten by Franck Zimmer on June 24th in a vacant title of the French champion (two judges became one).


The timing of the Sophian Katy’s 35th Carnera Trophy Battle, which begins at 7:30 pm, is uncertain. Five battles are planned. On the internet, the promoter announced that “the event will be broadcast on Sportitalia from midnight.”