Special tax return. Airplane tickets, archeology, signs … Discover the hidden taxes you pay!

Taxes on insurance contracts

Taxes on insurance contracts paid by policyholders replace the registration and stamp duty that applies to all documents that define, modify, or terminate the contract. The amount ranges from 7 to 30% and depends on the type of insurance policy.

Therefore, if your home’s fire protection tax is 30%, you will be exempt from life insurance or life annuity contracts. It is collected annually and the collected amount is remitted by the insurance company to Ursaf for public funds and health insurance contracts. Part of this tax will be remitted by the state to the department to finance the department’s fire and rescue services.

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Sightseeing sea shuttle tax

If you read “tourist”, I think it’s a holiday. Indeed, this tax applies only to tickets for sea excursions to protected natural areas or the ports that offer them from June 1st to September 30th. This tax is not paid if you just pass through, not your destination.

The amount is 7% of the price excluding VAT for one-way transportation and from January 1, 2021 the upper limit per passenger is € 1.71. The products of taxes collected and controlled by Customs are transferred to coastal and lakeside reserves, for related sites, by the municipality in the area where they are located, for other protected natural areas. ..

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Buffet tax

In 2000, under the promotion of the then Minister of Sport, Marie Georges Buffet, “Contribution to the Transfer of the Right to Broadcast Sporting Events and Competitions to Television Services” was introduced. The challenge is to enable amateur sports to benefit from the professional world of television resources.

Therefore, a fixed fee of 5% is determined according to the amount of TV rights. Federations and sports leagues that take advantage of these rights must pay the tax outcomes to the National Sports Agency. In 2019, buffet tax revenue was estimated at around € 54 million, 90% of which came from football tournaments alone.

Sign tax

Traders and restaurant owners are familiar with local taxes (TLPE) on outdoor advertising. It is charged by them every year and can be fined up to € 3,750. In fact, it applies to various advertising devices and signs that look like public roads. Some media are exempt, such as regulated professions (doctors, notaries, etc.) and non-profit advertising.

Some may be subject to a partial exemption. The amount of TLPE depends not only on the surface of the sign, but also on the type of advertisement, especially the size of the municipality and the municipality paid. In 2022, the cheapest tax is 16 euros and the highest tax is 194.40 euros.

Archaeological tax

This is actually called the Preventive Archeology Fee (RAP) and is used for public or private enterprise infrastructure that plans to perform work that affects the subsoil, such as construction, development, and repair work. It is related.

Its purpose is to provide resources to the National Institute of Preventive Archeology (Inrap) and local government-dependent archaeological services, especially to subsidize excavations that could endanger construction projects. That is.

The percentage of RAP is 0.40% of the lump sum payment of the real estate estate, the payment of which is made through the department of finance or the regional bureau.

Chamrousse ski lift

Chamrousse ski lift

Ski lift tax

This 3-5% tax, which is levied on the amount excluding the ski pass tax, is intended to fund the municipality of the pass. If access to the slopes is free, it’s a ticket, so it’s a paid climb. Nordic skiing does not require transportation, so purchasing a cross-country ski pass will incur taxes.

Ski passes are certainly expensive and cost an average of 31 euros a day, but it’s entirely the responsibility of the municipality. The mayor and city council set prices for trucks, salaries, fees, investments, material maintenance, and packages that include royalties, taxes, and over 21% of obligations.

Ticket tax

Also known as the Sirac tax. In fact, in 2005, the then President of the Republic proposed imposing an international tax on the prices of plane tickets in order to fund international organizations for the purchase of pharmaceutical units. Since then, 30 countries have been committed behind the five founding countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Brazil and Chile.

Today, they end up with only 13 people participating in this solidarity tax. In 2019, Parliament is increasing it by adding eco-contributions. In economy class, the amount of solidarity tax is € 2.63 for domestic and European Union flights and € 7.51 for international flights.