Spending caps, penalties … UEFA new financial fair play details

The UEFA is preparing major reforms to change the fair play of finances and impose spending restrictions on European clubs in the form of budget caps. Therefore, the organization intends to ensure the feasibility of the team over the medium to long term.

Financial Fair Play is dead. Long-lived financial fair play! The UEFA has been working behind the scenes for months to change FPF measures. As RMC Sport showed last week, European football groups want to show that this device is essential to the health of the club, especially after the health crisis associated with Covid-19, where many formations did not survive. thinking about.

Contrary to some rumors, continental football does not employ the rigorous salary cap system of American sports, but manages the costs of European giants according to the latest elements released by the New York Times on Tuesday. The club was unable to spend more than 70% of its annual income. It’s very similar to the budget limit imposed by LaLiga on Spanish clubs.

New format and new name validated at the beginning of April

Also, according to information from American newspapers, the UEFA will submit its reforms to a board vote at the April 7 meeting. There should also be a confirmation of the Euro 2028 host selection.

Michel Platini’s legacy, the very period of financial fair play, should disappear. Instead, the coalition chaired by Alexander SefĂ©rin should prefer a less aggressive name. Therefore, FPF gives way to regulation of financial feasibility.

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3 year adaptation period

The UEFA needs to leave some room for European clubs for the first three years in order to move to a viable and more sustainable economic model. This was confirmed by the NY Times.

According to the factors presented by RMC Sport, the governing body of continental football will increase the permissible deficit from 30 million euros to 60 million euros in three years, provided that it is always filled by shareholders. I decided to double it. One way to facilitate this transition to a financial scheme where expenses make up 70% of the club’s income.

Not all clubs agreed on a percentage of disposable income, especially the source of income explained the contradiction.

Therefore, clubs that benefit from significant television rights, such as the Premier League, are hit by clubs that are properly managed or controlled at the national level, but are evolving in lesser-publicized championships. You could spend a lot of money while taking the risk of blaming.

Weapons of measures against sanctions clubs, including demotion

Like the FPF, which critics have criticized for being fined too often, the UEFA has imposed many potential penalties for non-compliance with new economic regulations. The body will be able to impose sports and economic sanctions on criminals, including fines, the possibility of expulsion, and the option of demotion for the first time.

In the latter case, teams in the Champions League may be sent to the Europa League as long as they do not fall below the budget limit. Finally, last resort could lead to the withdrawal of points as part of the Champions League reform and competition with a single classification table from 2024.