Sports Canada was ordered to notify the minister of the complaint

A few days before Hockey Canada noticed a mass rape allegation against players in June 2018, federal officials in Sports Canada were instructed to notify the minister of the case. But they claim they didn’t say anything to the minister at the time.

“Organizations must immediately disclose cases of harassment, abuse and discrimination that could endanger projects and programs to the Minister of Sports and the Disabled,” said then Minister Kirsty Duncan, 2018. Announced on June 19th.

Exactly that day, a young woman’s stepfather, who claims that eight athletes who attended a gala in London, Ontario, had been sexually assaulted in a group, called a talent from hockey Canada, an arm-length sports organization. I received it. On June 26, Hockey Canada notified Sports Canada, a federal branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Sports Minister Pascal Sto Onji said he only knew about the 2018 allegations against hockey Canadian players a few days before the issue was taken up by the press. St-Onge was not a member of the government at the time because he was not elected to the Commons until 2021.

Despite the June 2018 directive, Sports Canada confirmed that it did not inform then-Minister Kirsty Duncan whether it was Stephen Gillbo, the successor to the portfolio.

“Probably not concrete,” said Michelle Rest, senior director of Sports Canada, at a committee meeting Tuesday.

Minister is unaware

Authorities described the process taking place within Sports Canada when the government was notified of the “incident” by the Sports Federation. This process seems to be inconsistent with Minister Duncan’s June 2018 announcement.

“This information will be sent to the manager reported by the analyst. [qui reçoit l’information], Director and General Manager. It is then entered into a sensitive directory where relevant case count and sports statistics are sent or communicated to higher levels. »»

Mr. Rest also acknowledged that Minister Duncan “tightened the requirements” by describing the “crescendo” of measures taken since 2018 on sports security, which is a “government priority.” He said nothing about his obligation to disclose the case to the minister.

The current Minister of the Environment, Stephen Gilbeau, was responsible for sports during the 2019-2021 elections, in addition to his responsibilities as Minister of Canadian Heritage of Canada. According to his power of attorney, he “was to promote a culture of safe sports at the national level, including physical security, a harassment-free sports environment.” »»

His office confirmed that he was also unaware of the allegations against Hockey Canada dating back to 2018.

Pascal St. Onzisports Minister said at a parliamentary commission on Tuesday that he was requesting a report in response to a question from NDP lawmaker Peter Julian. The Department of Canadian Heritage did not immediately answer the question from Le Devoire.

The details are as follows.

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