Sports | Christina Bauer: The Key Role of ReBelles?

She will be one of the star recruits in the off-season. Christina Bauer has signed a one-season contract with Pays d’Aix Venelles VB. 34-year-old Franco Norwegian Central, the daughter of a volleyball player and a handball player, started volleyball in Pfastatt (Oran) before traveling a few kilometers to discover Kingersheim’s National 3. She attended the Hope Center in Mulhouse and stayed in Alsace before joining the ASPTT Pro Group. She then she heads to Italy (Busto Arsizio), Turkey (Fenerbahce), Italy (Piacenza, Bolzano) and back to France to Cannes. Her tall (1.96 m) right-handed person put her career on hold to concentrate on her motherhood. She returned to Mulhouse in December 2020 and she was playing on the other side of the Perugia Alps last year. She interviewed a person who wore a French team jersey 105 times during that time.

In addition to Christina Bauer, a stint in Turkey, you alternated between France and Italy. In Perugia last season, I will be in Vunell next year. Why this choice?

First of all, for personal reasons, I have a 2-year-old daughter. My spouse works for Sophia Antipolis, and last year it was a bit complicated in terms of logistics, with lots of traffic and sacrifices. I wanted to return to France and was looking for an easier destination for the three of us.I had some possibilities, but I’m familiar with Alexandre Hubner (Co-Chair) And playing for someone I like was out of balance in favor of PAVVB.

There is also a reason for sports. The club is ambitious, finishing third last season and competing in the Europa League next year. This is important for me who didn’t play this year. That’s my favorite challenge. I played the CEV Cup three times and had the opportunity to win two of them. All of that is counted and here we are in Vunell!

Played on ASPTT, RCC … What do you know about PAVVB?

Especially in the last two years, it is a club that has greatly evolved with very good results in the second French cup in history.Miriam (Kloster)I’ve known for 15 years and am a very good friend, who talked very positively about it. I was also back in Cannes to find her, and there I come to Vener, knowing she isn’t too far away! It was important to arrive at a place that was known to make the family feel better while reconciling with the ambitions of beautiful sports.

To be precise, like Kloster, you have chosen to put your career on hold to focus on your role as a mother …

I was 32 when I made this choice, Miriam did it much earlier in her career. I took advantage of her experience as she was one of the few who became her mother at the French Championships. Even today it is a particular subject. Unless we live it, we are unaware of the difficulties we can experience in being a sportswoman and mother.

How did you feel when you found the field at the training club Mulhouse after a year and a half break?

Leandra’s injury (Olinga) Things in Mulhouse meant that I was able to resume a little earlier than planned as a medical joker. Sure, I was planning to wait a little longer, but it was clear that even at the age of 32, I wanted to resume volleyball after giving birth. That year, he also achieved a league and cup double. I always want to play. I want to go to the Paris-2024 Olympics. The idea is also to find a French team from this month in July.

Leaving Mulhouse, your “only regret” was “the best spectator in France and couldn’t relive the crazy atmosphere of Palais des Sports”, you said. What do you think of the atmosphere of Nelson Mandela Hall?

Mulhouse does a lot of work on this.The last two games of the final play offThere was a great atmosphere with over 3000 people. After that, the rooms are not the same, they have different capacities, so it is difficult to compare. Venell is a very warm, small venue and the audience is so close that it is always very difficult to play there. I remember the match against Cannes in Mandela in 2019. Tie break And it was complicated! It marked me.

You arrive in Vunell with a good record. We certainly expect more from you. Does it put more pressure on you?

Getting to a new club has never been easier.But I know the leader, a little coach (Alexis Farjaudon) From his time as a player in Cannes, some players like Amandin (Gardino) Someone who played with Les Bleues and Margaux Bouzinac. I also know the French Championship, the room we play in … so I have a benchmark within the team and it facilitates integration. I know I have more expectations for experienced players, but with my personal ambitions, I think it will be a great season.

What is the purpose of PAVVB?

I want to win the title. I won in Cannes and Mulhouse, so I want to win in Vener. Never get bored! I stopped by on April 2nd and the break is quite long. If you’re with Le Bruce from July to September, you’ll have four weeks ready with Venell before the AF League begins at the end of October. I can’t wait to be there!

to be born January 1, 1988 and Bergen (Norway). Cut: 1.96 meters. work : Center.

Successive clubs: ASPTT Mulhouse (2004-2010), FV Busto Arsizio (ITA, 2010-2013), Fenerbahçe (TUR, 2013-2015), RV Piacenza (ITA, 2015-2016),

NS Bolzano (ITA, 2016-2017), RC Cannes (2017-2019), ASPTT Mulhouse (January 2021-2021), WP Perugia (ITA, 2021-2022).

Achievements (clubs): 2 CEV Cup (2012, 2014), 1 Serie A1 (2012), 1 Italy Cup (2012), 1 Italy Super Cup (2013), 1 Sultan La Rigi (2015), 1 Turkey Cup (2015), 2 AF League ( 2019), 2021), 2 French cups (2018, 2021)

Award (selection): 105 games with Le Bruce, 1 Savaria Cup (2019).

award: AF League MVP (2008), CEV Cup (2012) best center and best blocker, Turkish Cup (2014) best center, AF League (2019) best center.

Amélie Rotar officially leaves the club

Amélie Rotar will no longer be ReBelle next season. PAVVB has announced the resignation of a receiver attacker who held the position pointed out during the 2021-202 fiscal year. 21-year-old Martegale trains in Vener before returning to Mandela in the direction of Paul in France, defending the coat of arms of the Angel of Beziers. She exactly needs to find the location of Post 4. She occupies a French team. His relocation in the field contributed to his decision to leave Provence and join Ellow.

Grbic and Dahlke are no longer Venelloises

Serbian Tanya Grbić, who was traveling Cannes-Venelles with Alessandro Orefis’ luggage, will no longer be a PAVVB passerby next year. The club announced that it had broke up with the 33-year-old player who said he had reached an agreement with Romanian club CSM Lugoj in the final match of the season. The end of Provence for Kendra Darke of the United States, who lived only half a season due to a knee injury. The next destination of the 25-year-old receiver attacker remains unknown for the time being.