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The Ministry of Sport has not been authorized to continue as president of the All India Football Federation, as Praful Patel has already served three terms in the Supreme Court and national agencies are expected to hold elections in time.

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The Sports Department said in an affidavit to the Supreme Court on April 8 regarding the special leave application (SLP) filed by AIFF that Patel’s tenure violated sports law.

“… The term of the existing committee (of AIFF) has already expired, the current president (Praful Patel) has completed more than 12 years as president, and the petitioner (AIFF) will be further delayed according to existing instructions. The ministry’s oath statement states that it is included in the athletic code and the instructions issued by the defendant (Ministry of Sports) from time to time.

“Therefore, the term of office of members of the applicant’s office, such as the President, who has already served as President of AIFF for 12 years, violates the Sports Code, in particular Article 9.3 (iii) of the Sports Code, 2010. Read on May 1st notice. »»

Patel completed his third term and 12 years as AIFF President in December 2020. This is the longest period allowed by the head of the All India Football Federation (NSF) under the Sports Code.

However, AIFF did not hold the election, citing the pending Supreme Court petition on its constitution.

AIFF filed a petition with the Supreme Court one month before the scheduled election date, asking for some explanation of the constitutional situation that had been under consideration by the Supreme Court since 2017. This proceeding is still pending.

In a series of tweets, AIFF said that if the Supreme Court approves the Constitution, it is ready for an “tomorrow” election.

“We are forced to perform our duties in the absence of a new organization,” he said, as the request for instructions regarding the election is still pending at the SC.

“The Constitution of FIFA and AFC requires us to have an elected organization that represents AIFF’s operations,” he said.

“Otherwise, AIFF will lose its partnership with FIFA and AFC and will not be able to participate in or host international competitions in India, including the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

“If the SC approves our Constitution, we hope we can hold an election tomorrow. Already, our Constitution has a national age limit of 70 and a total of 12 years by respecting the three terms. It adheres to the technique »».

However, AIFF did not explain that the elected organization may not be the new organization and may not be the current officer.

He also stated that the Ministry of Sports’ affidavit on April 8 was “a repetition of the issues mentioned in the SC application.”

“AIFF filed a petition with the Supreme Court of India on November 20, 2020.

“Suomoto has asked the SC to guide us on the next steps regarding the elections at AGM on December 21, 2020.

“Our President Praful Patel said on several occasions, including the AIFF Annual Meeting, that he has finished his term and is not seeking re-election.

The ministry also hinted in an affidavit that AIFF could lose government awareness of non-compliance with sports law.

“Since the last election hosted by the petitioner took place on December 21, 2016, the petitioner is obliged to hold a new election. Recently, respondents (Ministry of Sports) have been from October 23, 2020. We have renewed the petitioner’s Annual Approval (AIFF) for one year, which is subject to the results of the special leave application pending in this prestigious court.

“Furthermore, in a renewal letter dated October 23, 2020, the respondent (Ministry of Sports) stated that the plaintiff (AIFF) would make the Constitution compliant with the provisions of the Sports Law within six months from the date the letter was issued. I categorically stated that it was necessary, “the ministry said in a statement of oath.

In 2017, the Delhi High Court overturned Patel’s election as AIFF President (at 2016 AGM) at the petition of Chief Attorney Rahul Mehra.

However, the Supreme Court suspended the High Court’s decision, allowed Patel to continue his role, appointed former Indian Supreme Election Commission SYQuraishi and former national captain Bhaskar Ganguly as directors, and the AIFF Constitution. Was formulated.

However, although Patel said he could not participate in the AIFF elections in the past, for some reason the All India Football Federation poll was not conducted due to the well-known reasons of the former union minister and his faction. It was.

In February, at AIFF’s annual meeting in Mumbai, Patel finally agreed to set up a committee to investigate this issue.

A three-member committee was required to submit a report within three months.

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