Sports Director Fernand Lopez: “How to Juggle Different Hats and Screens …”

Fernand Lopez, a well-known MMA martial arts trainer and former MMA fighter, explains how he organizes himself to manage a variety of efforts, including sports and associations.

Fernand Lopez is an essential adorable personality in the world of martial arts, especially MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, which combines all modern martial arts such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Judo, Karate and Wrestling).

He was a little shy when he was in sixth grade, but he admitted the humility that characterizes his temperament and had an unforgettable mentor. One of the legends of Taekwondo’s black belt, at that time Leclerc High School in Yaoundé (Cameroon).

In a few years, Fernand Lopez has risen to the rank of the world’s greatest MMA trainer. He is a very popular coach who trains great figures such as French champions Taylor Lapilus and Nassourdine Imabov (originally from Dagestan).

The latter will have to compete for the 10th place in the world at UFC273 in Jacksonville, Florida on April 9, 2022 …

That’s not all : Fernand Lopez has also become an enthusiastic entrepreneur, inspired by the timed schedule. “It happens to me-too long – He admits – My days working until 4am usually start with a visit to my gym in Rungis. There, I already manage my fitness for at least an hour. Then I have various meetings, many of which are videos. And I’m still using my PC to spend an hour monitoring my activities, team management, agenda, and more. “.

Fernand Lopez certainly runs a management agency –’ManagementFactory‘– Manage the athlete’s image and take responsibility for representing the athlete in various contract negotiations.

His diary also includes training sessions for private lessons by several champions.

It’s stronger than him: Fernand Lopez likes to enliven people, even the people he meets on the street. He knows how to put them back in the saddle, so he motivates them again to reach the height, often the beautiful podium.

The afternoon begins with a two-hour group lesson by about 60 athletes, followed by other training, including sparring. “” This is about developing performance factors in a systematic way “.

At the end of the day, Fernando picks up his daughter at school. And at the end of the evening, when his daughter sleeps, he returns to his computer to oversee the management of half a dozen MMA FACTORY sports complexes throughout France.

Lots of video conferences

By the way, what tools and how does this coach manager, sports promoter and entrepreneur work?

“” I’m not a computer enthusiast, but I’m more or less heavy and intensive, day and night, so I’m always aware that I need a device that can withstand. File transfer…

Need time difference – I sometimes communicate with the West and sometimes with the East. Especially in video conferences, there are many exchanges that require the best possible exchange performance. “.

In search of a reliable computer configuration, Fernand Lopez set his goal The MSI Stealth GS77 PC is a very powerful machine and is very popular with top managers, engineers and professional gamers. This laptop has an Intel Core i9 processor. Its extremely rich connectivity is an important criterion: Thunderbolt 4, SD card reader, USB 3.2 Gen2 (A and C / DP), RJ45 connector, of course HDMI and combo audio jack, and the latest generation WiFi, 6E.

Given the computing performance achieved, the Stealth GS77’s cooling system has proven to be comparable to two integrated fans and six “heat pipe” channels (Cooler Boost 5 devices).

Best display quality

Due to the impeccable image quality in the management factory, Fernand Lopez’s choice fell to the top: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti graphics card.

Another important point here in the context of frequent video conferences is display quality.It is provided by a 17.3-inch QHD screen (2560 x 1440 pixels) Equipped with IPS LCD technology (In-plane switching), The refresh rate is 240Hz. The contrast is very strong thanks to TrueColor technology.

The selected keyboard is from “Game”. This is a SteelSeries model with an RGB LED backlight for each key. Nothing beats sound quality. The configuration Fernand Lopez chose for an immersive 360 ​​° effect includes six “surround” speakers controlled by Dynaudio and Nahimic 3 technology.

On the aesthetic side, elegance is essential. The metal chassis is particularly unobtrusive (20 mm thick) and exhibits a very chic black tone obtained by the sandblasting method. The system is robust and is equipped with a particularly reinforced hinge.

“At the end of the evening, I often have to go back to my computer. Email, text-not delegated to an assistant or verified yet. So the performance of word processors, tables and presentations Thank you for being stable …

I’m used to using multiple monitors and multi-window setups. So, for example, whether it’s FMC (Fight Management College) or an exchange for Pro League ARES, you can move from one cap to another, from one job to another, quickly and easily. I juggle my windows and screens! “.

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