Sports: Equipped with Occitanie for all exercises

Multi-sports complexes, swimming pools, skate parks … To ensure that all residents enjoy sports, the area is supporting the refurbishment and construction of sports facilities throughout Oxitania.

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Playing sports for Occitania residents

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Occitania players practice every week

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Health, relaxation, joy … Exercise is essential For the inhabitants of Occitania. And their favorite activities, such as soccer, rugby, tennis and petanque, require the right equipment to meet. Therefore, the region will support the renovation and creation of sports facilities throughout its territory. Encourage everyone to practice regularly.. Almost since 2016 700 devices Rehab or created thanks to the help of the community.

Exercise near the house

Païcherou Water Park in Carcassonne (12)

Païcherou Water Park in Carcassonne (12)

Physical activity practice is useful take care And D’Improve your well-being..Beneficial effects have been measured for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, stress and depression [1]… In this respect, the new Païcherou water park in Carcassonne (Aude) is ideal. Launched in July 2021, this more than 2,200 m² facility is funded by the region with € 700,000 and features several swimming pools, a balneo wellness area and a fitness facility.this An important place for the lives of residents, clubs and associations It will replace the old dilapidated swimming pool on the territory, built in the 1950s.

Lansargue's City Stadium (34) combines sport and cheerfulness.

Lansarg’s City Stadium (34) combines sport and cheerfulness.

Meet, exchange, and even at stadiums, skateparks, or other practice areasMaintaining social ties, Like a village square.For example, in Lansargues (Ero), a city stadium [2] Created with aid from a region of just over 12,000 euros. What is his goal? Boosting sports practice With the village Providing a forum for discussion And friendliness. And that’s a success! 17-year-old Tetuan testifies: I come frequently, almost every day. I like this city stadium because I can play and change sports. And we can come between us, we often meet to play small tournaments. »»

Make Occitania shine

About 6th floor!This is the height of the climbing wall

About 6th floor! This is the height of the “L’Usine” climbing wall.

On some devices Place Occitania on the center stageBy hosting high-level athletes or hosting international events. This is the case for Tarbes’ new “L’Usine” sports complex.Supported by the region at 1.3 million euros, it offers The second young man in the former industrial building It was built in 1937.

Under a glass roof in the center of 11,000 m2, 30 meters high, the “L’Usine” includes: An “athletics” center with a 200-meter track. A “team sports” center with two multi-sport grounds. And an all-eye-catching “climbing” pole. The wall is 18 meters high and 51 meters long. One of the largest in Europe !!

Enora Ballet, A 17-year-old sportswoman praises this device. ” Since opening ” plant “, I was able to challenge wall climbing. And I can tell you it’s expensive! It’s great to be able to train on a world-class wall. I will evolve and feel more comfortable in the competition. I’m also looking forward to training in the indoor athletics room. Even if it rained, I could go in any weather! “.


We, as a federal organization, Very motivated and enthusiasm.. “L’Usine” is one of the most beautiful facilities in France, where you can welcome the most people, perform at a high level, hold events and welcome an appropriate audience. The equipment is even more valuable as it is close to CREPS in Toulouse, CNEA in Font-Romeu, the gymnasium in Tournefeuille and the natural cliffs of Hautes-Pyrenees. This ecosystem attracts international teams and Local action is at the heart of this territorial network..

Eric Bauvin, President of the Occitanie League of the French Mountaineering Federation.

Good to know

Occitania is labeled Terre de Jeux 2024. Mobilized from the candidacy stage of the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, the region has played a central role in promoting the project and engaging the entire sports ecosystem.