Sports Minister points to Liverpool and UEFA due to turmoil in the Stade de France

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra of the Ministry of Sports lamented the lack of supervision of British supporters by Liverpool who participated in the overflow before the Champions League final.

Two days after the organization’s blunder in the Champions League final, the Ministry of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra will survive. According to her, it was the influx of Liverpool supporters who did not have tickets that caused confusion around the Stade de France before the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid began. The theme was put on the table during the meeting from 11:00 am this Monday, not only for the reasons for the organization’s failure in his presence, but also for Interior Minister Gerald Dalmamin, and representatives of the FFF and UEFA. Identify the reason. Prior to that, a former tennis player gave some of her explanations about RTL this Monday morning.

“We have to measure everything that happens,” she explains. All you have to remember is that there is this influx of British supporters from Liverpool without a ticket or with a forged ticket. Between 30,000 and 40,000, more than 45% were overstaffed. Exceptional pressure was placed on security forces, which were the most difficult to control the flow. Later, especially because it was close to the highway, I had the option of lifting the first filtering zone. The police station decided to take people to the front yard near the second area where the turn tiles were. Because the ticket was forged, the turn tiles were blocked and focused on the front yard. Security issues and congestion that have created very frustrating expectations for people. “

Minister regrets UEFA’s choice to agree to sell paper tickets

The minister isn’t too particular about many videos showing young people trying to get through. For her, everything is related to the issue of counterfeit banknotes. “When there are so many people in the front yard, they try to push the door of the Stade de France. In fact, a young man in the neighborhood tries to rush in. She admits. Avoiding a crash. , This is one of the main concerns of the police station, and a decision was made to avoid a catastrophe of invasion of the stadium and disruption of the match. “

She estimates the number of counterfeit notes to be between “30,000 and 40,000”. “This will all be clear, she identifies. There were supporters with counterfeit tickets and no tickets. Look at the ratio of either. The size of the ticket office is for understanding this case. One of the most important things is, to know where these counterfeit tickets came from and how they were mass-produced, the organizer UEFA has a complete understanding of what happened. need to do it.”

“Liverpool left their supporters in the wild.”

Amélie Oudéa-Castéra points out the UEFA decision to accept the issuance of paper tickets at Liverpool’s request. “They accepted that the mobile application they had to use had no exclusive means.” This will generate a “tamper-proof, non-transferable ticket”. “Liverpool has requested not to use this mobile application. UEFA has accepted and created a paper ticket circuit, causing an overflow.”

Beyond managing tickets, the minister regrets Liverpool’s lack of supporter oversight compared to Real Madrid supporters. “No problem. The fact that Real oversees the arrival of supporters in Paris by providing buses from the airport and organizes everything from one point to another is the Liverpool club that left the supporters in Paris. Is in fundamental contrast to Wild-making a big difference. “