Sports | Stade de France: Anger doesn’t go away, Liverpool wants an apology

Paris-Chaotic finals turning into a rat race: Three days after a systematic failure around the Stade de France, anger continues in Liverpool. The President of Liverpool demanded an apology from French authorities on Tuesday for pointing his finger at the supporters. Reds.

Liverpool president Tom Werner is indignant, as many fans of the club returning from Paris, who lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, have caused pre-match turmoil. He wrote it in a letter to the French Minister of Sport Amélie Oudéa-Castera. A copy was obtained by the local daily Liverpool Echo.

The problem is that at a press conference on Monday, Ms. Udea Castella and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin reiterated what they said from Saturday night. At the gates of Paris, there is a “massive, industrial and systematic fraud of counterfeit banknotes”. Liverpool “left their supporters in the wild,” the sports minister further said.

These accusations bring to Liverpool’s supporters the horrifying memories of the Hillsborough tragedy, which killed 97 people in 1989 in a mob that Reds fans had long been responsible for before a bad police decision.

Tom Werner is his “total distrust” that Amelie Udea Castella can make “a series of unproven statements on such important subjects” even before a thorough investigation. “.

“Your comments are irresponsible, unprofessional, and completely despise thousands of physically and emotionally injured fans,” he added, adding countless emails from “scary” supporters. And blamed the “strategy to blame others”.

“On behalf of all the fans who have experienced this nightmare, I ask you to apologize and ensure that the French authorities and the UEFA have an independent and transparent investigation,” he added. The Union of European Football Associations confirmed on Monday that it would commission an “independent report.”

-Controversial numbers-

According to Gerald Dalmanin, “We have noticed that 30,000 to 40,000 British supporters are in the Stade de France, either without tickets or with forged tickets.”

According to officials, the situation led to a large crowd that rushed to the gates of the Stade de France, forming endless lines and causing no serious injuries.

However, the numbers presented are in dispute, including the French side, where the heads of many supporters who attended the Stade de France on Saturday evoke a “lie.” “There were a few supporters with counterfeit tickets, but not thousands,” he told AFP.

“30-40,000 counterfeit tickets, which seems very big to me,” confirmed on his side, former deputy generation Regis Juanico, a sports affairs specialist. “I will wait for the hearing of the two ministers in the Senate on Wednesday to find out more.” The meeting is scheduled for 5 pm.

The British press believes that this massive fraud paper will allow police to exempt French authorities from any liability in the blunder on Saturday night, when police dispersed tear gas, especially boules. ..

At the judicial level, six men are brought to justice for theft at the expense of bystanders in the finals at the talented Bobigny in Seine-Saint-Denis, where the Stade de France is located.

-Friday’s next match at the Stade de France-

And 12 days before the first round of legislative elections (12 and 19 June), the case was very much in France, especially with respect to the authorities’ ability to hold major sporting events a year before the World Cup. We have made a political shift. Rugby 2023 and two years after the Olympics in Paris.

Deputy LR Eric Ciotti called for the case’s investigation committee to be prepared by the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Former LR Mayor Nice Christian Estrosi has rallyed in the majority of the presidents as he called for the use of facial recognition in large-scale sporting events.

“We want to finally stop this kind of dusty agency that CNIL is banning us and banning the use of facial recognition,” a European city council member declared 1.

The next match at the Stade de France, the French-Denmark meeting at the League of Nations (8:45 pm), and posters that promise to sell out are all in the spotlight.

As many Reds supporters fell back to RERD, the cause of the bottleneck on arrival, the RATP trade union organization launched a new strike call to RERB on Friday after the move on Saturday.

“We are planning a match. It’s held very regularly in the Stade de France and it’s going very well on a very regular basis,” said Mayor Saint-Denis Hanotin on BFMTV on Tuesday. Played.