Sports | Stade de France: Police chief and FFF auditioned in the Senate after Dharmanin

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Paris-Thursday, Parisian police chief Didier Lalman and FFF officials were deliberated in the Senate on the disastrous organization of the Champions League final after Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin sketched the Start de Mere Carpa. ..

The police chief is heard in front of the Senate’s Cultural Law Commission at 10 am, followed by several officials of the French Football Federation (FFF) from 2:30 pm: Philip Dialo, Vice President, Florence Arduane, Managing Director, Elwan Le Prevost, Institutional Director, Didier Pinto, Security Manager.

Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotherham will also be heard at 4 pm. He himself attended the Stade de France and was a victim of pickpockets.

They are asked about the chaotic scene and what happened as Real Madrid’s bystander against Liverpool (1-0).

Audiences without tickets to climb the gate, tear gas sprayed supporters and families, and other victims of robbery and assault: order during Europe’s most important season of matches since the fierce debate in France and the United Kingdom A device for maintenance.

Then, on June 1st, a hearing will be held between Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

The latter, who have blamed British supporters since the start of the controversy, believed they were the main cause of the incident and, before Senator, caused “great damage to children, especially to children” caused by tear gas. Apologized to Liverpool supporters.

But at the same time, he maintained his version, which received a lot of criticism about the number of counterfeit tickets, and reiterated that “35,000” supporters who had or did not have counterfeit tickets appeared in the Stade de France. confirmed.

“Some tickets have been duplicated hundreds of times,” he said again. According to the latest figures released, the FFF and UEFA currently rate the number of “scanned counterfeit tickets” at “2,800”.

-British complaints-

Gerald Dalmanin was found guilty of using tear gas “contrary to the rules of use” and was convinced that the police station had “sought sanctions” from two police officers.

Two executive investigations that will allow these sanctions to be decided are “in progress,” a ministerial aide told AFP on Wednesday.

Two reports have been sent to IGMPN. The French “police police” also showed the minister without details.

British supporters who are victims of the crime can file a complaint with a French court from Monday via a dedicated form available on the website of the French Embassy in the United Kingdom. This form must be mailed to the Bobigny prosecutor on which the Stade de France depends.

French authorities have not yet provided figures regarding the number of reports received via this form.

The Liverpool Club asked supporters in the field to share their meeting experiences and collected thousands of answers very quickly on its testimony collection platform.

Real Madrid sought an “answer” on the treatment given to supporters in the finals on June 3 and sought to “identify the person responsible” for the chaotic scene of the Stade de France. ..