Sports, the forgotten theme of the presidential election

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Despite the two-year Olympics in Paris, there is no sport in the presidential election debate. A constant number of less fragmented themes that have never been at the center of political debate in previous presidential elections.

“” I know it’s not easy to talk about sports between Covid and Ukraine so far. Finally, it may suit the candidate. But as sports increase, drug sales will decrease. », Lament high-level athletes with the addition of RFI already participating in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“” You need to change the location of the sport »»

If the war in Ukraine monopolized a significant number of subjects in France for several days and inevitably suppressed political debate, as sports could not find it in any small place during this presidential election. I saw.

And, despite the 2024 Paris Olympics, sports are still a poor political relationship and common sense on less divisive themes. In recent years, the theme of the presidential election has often revolved around security and the economy. “” The problem is that if we follow this reasoning, we shouldn’t talk about culture, research, or justice, as it’s not one of the French priorities. “I was indignant at the Communist Marie Georges Buffet, a former sports minister of Lionel Jospin (PS).

In mid-March, only three candidates responded to the “Great Oral Sports” sponsored by the French Olympic Committee (CNOSF). Communist Fabien Roussel, environmentalist Janic Jadot, and socialist Hidalgo announced a sports program, and LR candidate Valerie Pécrès went into exile the night before. The three candidates who attended supported the return of the “Complete Movement” Ministry of Sports, which is not currently affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, and the increase in the budget devoted to sports.

“” Politicians love and ride big victories »»

“” If we want to be positive, the world of sports makes suggestions, but the big verbal was a blunder. This is not a good sign for the country hosting the tournament.Would have had to invite each candidate’s sports program career “Comments to RFIVincent Chaudel, co-founder of the Sports Business Observatory.” Politicians like big wins and ride on them. I think everyone was happy with the French XV, which won the rugby championship. Grand Slam at the Six Nations Tournament Add Vincent Chaudel. “” and During the two years of the Olympics, we need to change the location of our sport.There is a unique opportunity to make France a sports nation “, Said Bridget Henriquez, President of the CNOSF.

With Paris 2024 imminent, his own candidate for successor, Emmanuel Macron, sports during the presentation of his program at a press conference in front of 120 journalists at Oberville on March 17th. Did not say the word. The exercise lasted about 4 hours. But the President of the Republic was not shy about throwing spades at French athletes after the end of the Tokyo Olympics. “” Balance sheet is not what we expected “He launched in front of the Olympic medalist on Monday, September 13. The French team certainly won 33 medals after 42 in Rio 2016 and stayed in Tokyo below the goals and standards. rice field. We have to do more because these are our games, at home we are expected “He added, showing that the state would not fail to support French athletes.

At the first campaign meeting in Poissy, Emmanuel Macron mentioned the generalization of 30 minutes of physical activity in schools aged 6-12 at the beginning of the next school year. This is a device that has been tested for two years.

330,000 jobs in the sports sector

However, in the program of 12 candidates, there are some lines appearing here and there, and there is a big disparity, and candidates LR Valerie Pécrès and Greens candidate Yannick Jadot are others with more substantive suggestions. Stand out from the candidates.

The issue of public policy in sports never came to the fore. However, in a recent BVA survey, nearly one-third of French people want sports as the theme of their campaign. In France, there are more than 18 million licensees in sports, according to CNOSF’s 2018 figures. The Covid-19 crisis has reduced the number of licensees that clubs are struggling to get back by 20% to 30%. The strength of the French sports world is that you can rely on volunteers. But it’s getting harder and harder, and the health crisis hasn’t helped the situation.

According to the FranceSport Expertise Economic Interests Group, which represents companies in this sector, the French sports sector has created 330,000 jobs and sales of € 77.7 billion.