Sports: Time to return to the division caravan

On January 13, 2020, Sophie Borderley, chair of the Division Council, signed an agreement with Tony Estange, chair of the 2024 Paris Olympic Organizing Committee, to award Lot-et-Garonne the “Terre de Jeux 2024” label. bottom.
Within the framework of the label, the community has promised to initiate new actions that not only maintain support for the sports world, but also promote access to the largest number of sports, awarded to CDOS 47, the Olympic Division. Within the framework of the same label, the Sports Commission, as the official representative of the Lot-et-Gallonne Olympics, is Sophie Borderley, Vice President of Sports Marilen Pyrales, and Jean-Marie, President of CDOS 47. Tobo has decided to launch a divisional sports caravan. La Caravane proposes to incorporate more sports into the daily life of Lot-et-Garonnais »».
Beginning in 2022, it will cross Lot-et-Garonne in stages from village to village each summer until 2024.

The purpose of the caravan

Promote sports available to everyone in rural areas. Caravane département aledusport serves several purposes and challenges. Contribution to the development of sports practice by promoting; increase the number of young people in the club. Discovery of multiple sports for Lot et Garone, sometimes robbed and far from sporting activities. Promotion of health and welfare sports through health awareness and prevention workshops. Raise awareness of the virtues of regular sports practice, especially for those who are underactive or prone to sitting. Dissemination of universal values ​​and symbols of Olympism; promotion of citizenship in sports: the fight against violence, discrimination, racism and gender equality. Awareness of sports for the disabled (handy and adaptive sports); strengthening territorial and tourist attraction.

Launch on June 23

Thursday, June 23 – Olympic and Paralympic Day – marks the beginning of the caravan at the Hôtel du Département. The start of activities and sports this afternoon welcomes junior high school students, especially college students labeled “Generation 2024”. Many sports workshops are offered.

Travel entertainment

After officially launched on June 23, the Caravanedé partemental edusport for patrol activities will pass through various cantons of the department, from village to village. The concept is to provide everyone with a day of sports and awareness workshops.
The Department Council and the Department Olympics and Sports Commission work closely with the Sports Commission, clubs, local governments, and local governments to carry out this project and provide interesting and diverse proposals. Each stage is initiated by a qualified sports educator from a sports committee or local sports association, offering up to 20 sporting activities and ensuring proper supervision of practice.
Activities are coordinated according to the composition of the location. This summer in 2022, you need to remember four stages and four dates. Barbast on Wednesday 13th July, Larock Tambo on Wednesday 27th July, Duras on Wednesday 17th August, and Montfrancan on Wednesday 24th August.
The proposed activity is free and open to everyone. More detailed programs will be announced later.