Sports | Top milestones directed by Macron two years before the 2024 Olympics

Paris-Two years before the 2024 Olympics, according to Elysee, Emmanuel Macron will hold a “field meeting” on Monday, with 12 ministers attending to “acquire shares” at the event.

We had to score. In the two years, almost the day of the deadline (July 26-August 11, 2024), the signs of the President of the Republic’s initiative are fairly clear. The Olympics are a priority for the start of this five-year term. And nothing should be left to chance.

However, some interpret it as a file hijacking by Elysian, while others regret that the conference is just a stage.

“Without the actual takeover by the Olympic nation, it seems like more stage points. That’s a shame,” he expects an Olympic mystery expert, subject to anonymity.

Initially planned to welcome all parties involved in the file, the conference narrowed the list of guests to the ministers and services of the countries concerned. Therefore, 12 people, including Bruno Le Mer (economy), Gerald Darmanin (inside), Sebastian Le Cornu (defense), Pap Ndiaye (national education), as well as the Minister of Sport and the Olympic Amelie Udea Castella. The minister is expected. But so far, nothing has been excluded from what could give rise to such inter-ministerial meetings.


“I tell you, if anything, not so much,” the expert says.

Another stage point planned with the elected officials of the City Hall of Paris, the Ile de France region, Seine-Saint-Denis, or the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF), along with the officials elected “at the beginning of the school year” It has been. ), Elysee said.

The purpose of this site meeting is, as Emmanuel Macron explained it on Thursday beside his visit to the Tour de France, “the minister is to understand the situation and possibly mark the point of vulnerability.” I guarantee Elysee. “The idea is to recognize the calendar, the next step.”

Some weaknesses are already known: budget tensions and security issues due to inflation caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

This calendar opportunity will take place five days after Canard Enchaîne discloses a preliminary report from the Audit Court, which was also obtained by AFP dedicated to the safety of the Olympic Games.

The Audit Court identifies some concerns shared by security sources, from securing the opening ceremony with unprecedented staging on the Seine River to the shortage of private security guards and even the risk of terrorists and cyberattacks. .. Copies have not yet been considered, especially for auditors’ courts, especially in light of the “more accurate definition of security needs is becoming urgent.”

And since the Champions League final in Stade de France on May 28, questions have been raised about France’s ability to secure such an event.

-Inflation risk-

Recently, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin argued the importance of the Olympic Games to his ministry in an interview with Le Parisien and during the delivery ceremony of the new Paris Police Commissioner Laurent Nuñez. “This meeting will be an opportunity for the minister to reiterate that preparing for the Olympics is his priority,” Beauvo said.

Budget issues also need to be addressed. A report by the Audit Committee of the organizers of the Olympic Games (Cojo) recently mentioned inflation risk. “I couldn’t imagine it a few months ago,” risk regretted Kojo Tony Estanguet’s boss, who couldn’t escape the Olympics.

“They are growing very much in terms of budget,” AFP has assured sources familiar with the matter to maintain a range of € 4 billion (ticketing, sponsorship, IOC donations). .. ..

Cojo is already in talks with the IOC and is trying to break out of certain costly specification constraints. “Without it, they wouldn’t succeed,” deciphers a formerly elected official with knowledge of the file.

Other issues such as transportation, convention-related employment, heritage to be left behind by the event, and how to get the French to participate in these Olympics should be addressed on Monday.