Sports | Two years before the 2024 Olympics in Paris, the organizer and state obstacle course

After the Paris-Tokyo Olympics, Tony Estanger’s boss of the Paris-2024 Organizing Committee said he was “ready to run the marathon at a speed of 100 meters” by the summer of 2024. Two years after the top start, the race is rife with obstacles for changing organizers and nations.

.. Budget: How high will your bill be?

Inflation focuses on the € 4 billion budget of the Organizing Committee of the Paris Olympics (Cojo) and the budget of Solideo, which is responsible for the construction of permanent structures (€ 4 billion, including 1.55 public funds). increase.

On the Cojo side, there are no numbers to filter your savings. How much do you need to find after the release of € 300 million at the end of 2020? All markets have not yet passed and all sponsors (after the arrival of Carrefour, the gorgeous giant LVMH is awaited) have not yet been acquired.

“They are growing very much in terms of budget,” confessing to AFP a source close to the file so that it fits within their envelope (ticketing, sponsorship, contributions from the IOC). The “price truth” will fall in the fall due to a budget review scheduled for the end of the year, some sources say.

On the Solideo side, inflation needs to be paid by someone, perhaps the state. The state exceeds the sports budget limit each year.

Expected economic conditions make leanness even more essential. Otherwise, the Olympics will lose public opinion.

..Security: Find missing agents

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the Seine gives police a cold sweat. Should it be reduced? For now, Cojo doesn’t want to change anything. However, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of the Olympics and Paralympics during the two months of summer. Part of the event will take place in the heart of Paris, on Place de la Concorde, very close to the Elysees, towards the Eiffel Tower and even at the Palace of Versailles.

Public agencies need to be available-definitely in funding-and above all, to find the 20,000 private agents needed while the sector has been kneeling since the health crisis.

..Transport: Avoid embolism at the ring road and RER exits

Transportation issues are essential to managing the expected approximately 10 million spectators, especially as the specific subway lines (16 and 17) that were planned to serve Seine-Saint-Denis are not in time.

A report on the transportation and service system must be submitted to the Prime Minister at the beginning of the school year in light of the incident that highlighted access issues in the Champions League final at the Stade de France.

In addition to the classic public transport network, as with other Olympic editions, you need to charter additional buses and suddenly find a driver when you’re short on profession. The Paralympic Games have also made significant progress in terms of accessibility.

A decree was announced in May that defines the “Olympic Lane,” the lane reserved for athletes, officials, the media, and paramedics from July 1st to September 15th.

.. Doping: It’s urgent!

“The IOC is worried,” some sources from the anti-doping world told AFP, as Kojo was “very late” to set up an anti-doping organization during the Olympics.

If it is the International Testing Institute (ITA) that will serve as the secretariat during the Olympics, it is Cojo’s responsibility to plan the logistics and ensure that it intervenes and works properly. AFLD (French Anti-Doping Agency) needs to regain its mission.

.. “Move” the French

To “move” the French while sedentary lifestyles are causing havoc between adults and children: The shared public health objective between the state and the Olympics has so far been 30 minutes. Activities in elementary school that brought about an initiative initiated by Cojo to set up physical activity in France. Its generalization has become one of the means of President Emmanuel Macron’s program.

After winning the Olympics, the goal of 3 million additional practitioners displayed in 2017 is difficult to reach, which is also undermined by the health crisis.