Stadium Jean Perez, Maison de Sport …. Clermont-Ferrand facilities are in use during the summer under construction

Since the majority of clubs are also on vacation, the city of Clermont-Ferrand and Metropolis take advantage of the summer months to intervene in several sports facilities. This summer is no exception to the rules with a particularly generous program.

Stadium Perez 20th Anniversary New Song

It begins with the renovation of the Jumperez Stadium. Inaugurated in 2002, the age is not displayed. However, despite celebrating its 20th anniversary, he asked for a renewal. This concerns the overall repair of the truck by replacing the 6,000 m2 mondo (rubber coating). The purple color (with green and gray) is in the limelight. All stand shells will also be replaced. A job that requires a metropolis investment of 1.1 million euros.

“This is our summer’s most expensive and most iconic project,” says Bolliscaille, sports director at Clermont Auvergne Metropole. As the stadium celebrates its 20th anniversary, this renovation was necessary to meet an agreement with the French Athletics Federation. Since the French Elite Championships were held in 2016, the French Elite Championships have not been held. These championships will be back in February next year, so our work is paying off. »»

The stadium will unveil new outfits that will be open to the public on September 19th. The pole vault is known before the work is finished. The corridor will be operational in about 10 days, allowing Lavillenie and the company to prepare for the European Championship.

Synthesized on the sand of Esperance Stadium

On the part of the municipality, the most important construction site in the summer will take place at the Esperance Stadium in Saint-Jacques for € 1.2 million. The problem is to convert the lawn field to synthetic and install an LED lighting system. ..
“The ground was in a stormy basin. We needed the most natural alternative possible,” said David Rocton, sports director for the city of Clermont. Therefore, synthetic carpets are placed on the sand. This is probably the first time in Auvergne. »»

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Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of August.

Many projects are in progress

Apart from these two iconic operations, many local and metropolis sports facilities are currently under construction.

Edith-Tavert Sports Center. The future Sanjan district gymnasium is currently under construction. A multi-sports hall with a dojo and weight room. The stand has 1,500 seats. It is scheduled to open in September (city cost: 17 million euros).

premium The future gymnasium in the Saint-Jean district of Clermont-Ferrand takes the name of basketball player Edista Bart

Sports house. It will be equipped with LED lighting and a new sound system (city cost: 363,000 euros).

Albos room (boxing). Floors, toilets, fittings and lighting will be redone by October (city cost: 57,000 euros).

charm. This project is about air treatment, upgrades to PNR standards, changing rooms and showers. Until September 16th (city cost: € 140,000).

Thevenet. Wrestling mat replacement (city cost: 5,000 euros)

Autun. Scoreboard changes (city cost: 9,000 euros).

Tennis Jules Verne. Rehabilitation of porous concrete floors and repair of LED lighting (city cost: 206,402 euros).

Papiyo Stadium. Creating a 5-player soccer field and a 3×3 basketball court. By November (city cost: 135,500 euros).

Sezo Complex. Complete rehabilitation of the tennis court roof (city cost: 264,000 euros).

Gravanches Stadium. Delivery of artificial turf, LED lighting and road asphalt (Metropolis cost: 850,000 euros).

Link. Creating a women’s changing room (Metropole cost: € 100,000).

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