Stadium Jean Perret, Maison des Sports….Clermont-Ferrand facilities are under construction for the summer.

Since the majority of clubs are also on holiday, the cities of Clermont-Ferrand and Metropolis have taken advantage of the summer season to intervene in some sports facilities. This summer is no exception, with an especially generous program this year.

New truck for the 20th anniversary of Stadium Perez

It starts with the renovation of the Jean-Perret stadium. Launched in 2002, it does not indicate its age. But even as it approaches its 20th anniversary, it needed an update. This concerns a total repair of the truck with the replacement of 6,000 m2 of Mondo (rubber coating). Violet colors (along with greens and grays) take center stage. All the stand shells are also replaced. A job that requires a metropolitan investment of €1.1 million.

Boris Caille, sporting director of the Clermont Auvergne Métropole, said: “This is the most expensive and most iconic project of the summer. To mark its 20th anniversary, the stadium will be inaugurated with the French Athletics Federation. This facelift was needed to meet the agreement.The French elite championship has not been held since it was held as their preferred home in 2016. These championships will return next February. Our work is paying off because it’s coming.»

The stadium will unveil new costumes on September 19th when it reopens to the public. Pole vaulters will find out that the corridor will be up and running in about 10 days before work is complete so that Lavillenie and company can prepare for the European Championships.

Artificial turf on sand at Esperance Stadium

On the municipal side, this summer’s most important construction site will take place at the Esperance stadium in Saint-Jacques for 1.2 million euros. That is, turning grass fields into artificial turf and installing LED lighting systems. .
“The field was in a storm basin. We needed the most natural alternative possible. So the synthetic carpet will be installed on the sand. This is probably the first time in the Auvergne.”

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Construction should be completed by the end of August.

many projects in progress

Apart from these two iconic projects, many municipal and metropolitan sports facilities are currently under construction.

Edith Tabart Sports Center. The future Saint-Jean district gymnasium is currently under construction. It is a general gymnasium equipped with a dojo and a weight room. 1,500 seats are planned for the stands. It is scheduled to open in September (city cost: 17 million euros).

premium The future gymnasium in the Saint-Jean district of Clermont-Ferrand will be named after basketball player Edith Tavert

sports house. It will be equipped with LED lighting and a new sound system (city cost: €363,000).

Arbos Room (boxing). Floors, toilets, fittings and lighting will be redone by October (city cost: €57,000).

charm. The project is about air treatment, upgrading to PNR standards, changing rooms and showers. Until 16th September (city cost: €140,000).

Thevenet. Exchange of wrestling mats (city cost: €5,000)

autumn. Modification of the scoreboard (city cost: €9,000).

Jules Verne of tennis. Repair of porous concrete floors and repair of LED lighting (city cost: 206,402 euros).

Papillo Stadium. Create a 5-a-side soccer field and a 3×3 basketball court. by November (city cost: €135,500).

Sezo Complex. Complete restoration of the tennis court roof (city cost: 264,000 €).

Gravinches stadium. Delivery of synthetic pitch, LED lighting and road asphalt (Metropolis cost: €850,000).

Link. Installation of women’s changing rooms (Metropol cost: 100,000 euros).

Fabrice Mina