Sublime but harsh video game “Elden Ring”

The first open world game signed by From Software was a huge success.

“Everything that can stimulate thoughts of pain and danger, something terrible in some way, is a noble source, that is, it can evoke the strongest emotions that the soul can feel.”Wrote the Irish thinker Edmund Burke when he developed his noble theory in 18When century. This overwhelming beauty can impose itself and destroy us altogether, and is also a hallmark of FromSoftware’s achievements.

In his series Dark soul, The studio has created a harsh and ruthless gaming philosophy. There, repeated deaths form the center of an intoxicating experience with playful loops, a bodyless atmosphere, and winding medieval architecture.The soul Like a Victorian cousin (Bloodborne) Or samurai (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) I have been trying to work with the same model. With their unexpected success far beyond the insider circle, these action role-playing games have been the most respected in the last decade.

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This extension will show Elden Ring6 years of work and an authoritative collaboration with writer George RR Martin (Iron throneThis laid the fictional foundation for the Underworld, the huge world of games. The corridor and its cathedral are cycloidal curves, eventually competing in the Holy Grail of the open-world video game Adventure Game.

Range of freedom

Necrolimbe, out in the wooded mountainous area, Elden Ring, We are plagued by a wealth of possibilities.Familiarity Skyrim Reminds us when we excavate a distant caveAssassin’s Creed When hiding in a thicket to surprise a procession of soldiers or a procession of soldiers The witcher When choosing and collecting, invite us to create many tools.

Here is a summary map for luxury only, with no quest logs or quantified objectives

From Software will not betray its beliefs if these borrowings from tenors of this genre appear to have been agreed. Here is a summary map for luxury only, with no quest logs or quantified objectives. Japanese studios that are loyal to the depopulated universe choose sophisticated versions of the open world. Breath of the Wild.. FromSoftware adapts these proven principles to its own method, rather than reinventing the genre.

Elden Ring Therefore, push the formula of soul At peak times, a system of numerous character classes, swords, armor, spells, spells, multiplayer games (cooperative or competitive), or mutual aid messages is transcended by global scale. Repeating the situation is unavoidable, but the wealth of adventures you experience when traveling through these lands is almost always an option and enriches the FromSoftware palette. This increased balance between challenges and choices responds in an exciting way to discussions about difficulty modes, which often animate players for these titles.

Ruined world

In the open world, FromSoftware is even more vibrant and shy, but new to the studio. Wild animals frolic, decorations see day and night passages similar to those of the element. Even trees look vibrant due to the effects of gusts. Nonetheless, Underland remains a continent of desolate areas, submerged villages, and roads littered with archaeological sites in the post-disaster world.May be a distorted echoOcarina of TimeA Nintendo classic released in 1998, traveled on horseback through a vast, similarly devastated kingdom.

WARNING: As faithful to From Software's reputation,

Explore the most sophisticated dungeons the studio has ever imagined

Far model Zelda FromSoftware can embrace a large area while maintaining a formidable reputation as an enclosed level builder.Each region ofElden Ring The castle is crowned with a demigod that must be killed to obtain a fragment of the Elden Circle. Push the doors of these castles to explore the most sophisticated dungeons the studio has ever imagined. After a call for voids and an adventure in four directions, return to the labyrinth.

Beyond this spatial dichotomy, Elden Ring Fumito Ueda’s game’s eternal poetry sends us back to an overflowing fortressICOTo the desolate plateau of Wanda and the Colossus. And a lump of stone and meat wandering between the ruins. Since Hidetaka Miyazaki, President and Chief Designer of FromSoftware, entered the industry 20 years ago after being fascinated by the beauty of these games, there has been no coincidence.

Twilight of the gods

In the panorama of Caspar David Friedrich, Elden Ring Weaving a strong romantic inspirational melancholy. A cliff struck by the waves, a cape looking into the improbable viewpoint of the tower of the underworld beyond the jagged mountains. A distant castle will undoubtedly beckon us with even more poisoned caves, cursed settlements, or fascinating caves. Orchard. Each castle hides another castle. Always high and always low, this column is a nightmare of a wonderful place depicting the history of the altered golden age. If the Royal Academy of Rayarkaria is very similar to the Bavarian castle of Neuschwanstein Castle, it is because the citadel also knows the twilight of the gods.

Crossing the castle and its stunning architecture is the ultimate point of adventure.

In this wobbling world, chimeras and dragons are lurking in a hideout behind a stone door, waiting for players to come and be released from the coil of hatred. FromSoftware quotes from a vast catalog of abominable carcasses that have been imagined over the years. For those who have decided to accept this nightmare, Elden Ring Providing an endless genius: colossal statues awakened by fire rising on devastated walls, living mausoleums like pachydermata, underground rivers leading to cities around the globe, gold trees and the center of the world. The throne of life. Then, two huge fingers are stripped off and the oracle is examined. So many horrifying and fascinating visions of sublimation elsewhere.

Pixel Review

We liked:

  • A fascinating and airy open world experience.

  • A mind-boggling dungeon in the great tradition of FromSoftware.

  • Mysteries, story fragments, and unusual sensations of epiphany.

  • A game that is not afraid of grandiose delusions.

I didn’t like it very much:

  • Some sequences have declined until worn in an open world.

  • Sometimes too tough bosses and a certain number of enemies that allow you to be killed in one shot.

It is even more important if:

  • You have a romantic soul pondering the sea of ​​clouds from above the outcrops of rocks;

  • You want to immerse yourself in a long week in an intense atmosphere that will occupy your thoughts day and night.

  • You want to know the horrifying, desperate and masochistic unfanOcarina of Time With Wanda and the Colossus.

Not suitable for the following cases:

  • You don’t like the unfriendly games of FromSoftware or have spent enough time in their dark fantasy world.

  • appreciate game of Thrones Due to his political plot and his sense of dialogue (George RR Martin’s mark remains very cautious here);

  • You like video games that take you by hand rather than extreme emotional excitement.

  • Benchmarks for open worlds and dark fantasy The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

Pixel Note:

5 great runes out of 5It’s the Elden Circle.