Superstar merchant Pinott has a date, Verstappen flies away, DuPont and Toulouse are out of breath … Sports Weekend Tops and Flops

Unexpected coronation of Leon Marchand, Chibo Pino in pre-tour form, Max Verstappen as boss, defeat of Toulouse stadium … Discover the top and flop of the Figaro Sports division.


Appearance of Marchan

Swimming in France has been seven years waiting for the successor to the 2015 double world champion Florent Manaudou. This has been done since the victory of Leon Marchand on Saturday night in Budapest. A young Frenchman (20 years old), a 400-meter medley genius, beat the world record and won the final. His mark on 4: 04.28, the second world performance in history, calls others. Meanwhile, Marie Wattell brought France a second medal on Sunday, winning a silver medal in the 100-meter butterfly.

French doubles in Germany, Quartararo takes the lead

Fabio Quartararo from Cloud Nine. After celebrating the extension of the contract at Yamaha with a victory in Catalonia two weeks ago, “El Diablo” flew over the German Grand Prix and did it again.Taking advantage of the absence of Kaiser With the fall of Sakusenling Marc Marquez (winner of the last eight editions) and Paulman Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati), Nissar easily won the tenth round of the championship and scored 34 points in the championship. I got a lead. Johann Zarco, who was second in the race, took the podium for the 14th time and moved up to third overall.

Pinott is laughing before the tour

The smile and anger of Thibaut Pinot, who stands at the top of the victorious climb, is inseparable from his legend. Less than two months after his discovery, the Franche Contois man, who won only the seventh stage of the Tour de Suisse and made great efforts for the summit at Malbun (Liechtenstein). , Still proved that there was something at his feet. Success on a tour of the Alps. Great news arrived less than two weeks after the Tour de France began. He is still fascinated after he was absent in 2021.

Verstappen’s double blow

Max Verstappen’s victory. And a little more. The Dutch driver won the Canadian F1 Grand Prix in Montreal on Sunday. This is his sixth win of the season, the 26th since his career began. Success that allows him to consolidate his position as a leader in the classification of drivers. To further increase that, he surpassed Mexico’s Sergio Perez (retired on lap 9) by 46 points, Monaco’s Charles Leclerc (5th) by 49 points, was penalized on Saturday and was left behind the grid. rice field. Notice the wonderful race of Carlos Sainz, who has long believed in this first success in the second.

Aprasidze, an unexpected hero

His name is Gela Aprasidze. He is a Georgian by nationality, scrum-half, and a goal scorer by profession. He is 24 years old. Arriving at MHR in 2017, he had little opportunity to express himself. He has 11 game seats in 3 seasons. Before this year’s turnaround: 19 players, including 8 as starters, in all competitions. He played in the 67th minute in the semi-final against UBB on Saturday night. When the verdict of the match has not yet been decided. Montpellier led 13-10 and Hérault’s staff told themselves that their extraordinary kick could definitely make a difference. Is it strange because Gela Aprasidze managed the penalty only three times this season? Except the day before, during the captain’s training, the brave Georgians attempted eight long-range attempts and were successful. In the final 10 minutes of this bitter and indecisive semi-final, his teammates collected two penalties more than 50 meters away from Bordeaux Pole. At 70 and 79. Both succeeded in changing the fate of the match in support of Montpellier (19-10). And, as an unexpected hero, Aprasidze is enthroned.

Time for revenge on Borel

July 25, 2021, Tokyo. Yannick Borel lost as soon as he entered the Olympic tournament with Egypt’s Mohammed Elsade (18). And everything seems to be collapsing under the feet of a French swordfighter (he was debilitated by a painful calf). Roman Kanonu gets amazing money. He rehashes this disappointment for a long time (“5 years of falling within 5 minutes, the blow is fatal”). The desire to stop everything touches on the 2018 World Champion. Before going up the stairs. June 19, 2021. In Antalya, Roman Kanonu stumbled on the first step and lost to Belgium’s Nizer Loyola 15-11 in the first round. Like Alexandre Bardene, who finished 3rd in the April Monal Challenge in Paris. Yannick Borel won the fourth European title (2016, 2017, 2018, 2022) in Epe. A gorgeous 15-1 victory in the final against the unexpected Dutchman Tristan Turen to shine his revenge. For Yannick Borel (33), Tokyo was suddenly very far away … the next step in the World Championships, one of the leaders of the French fencing team in Cairo from July 15th to 20th. Impress and keep filling the French trophy room.

Freefield in Zidane, Gartier, far from Paris

The next Paris coach is French and will be born in Marseille. It’s not what you think … Zinedine Zidane certainly said no to PSG. Not because of his love for OM or the fight with Luis Campos, the new football adviser of the capital club, but because of his interest in the French team, not about his range of power at Parc des Princes.information RMCOur colleague has designated him as a former leader of the blues.Never close the door to PSG“In the future. In the meantime, the big winner is called Christophe Galtier and is expected to take over Mauricio Pochettino on the bench of the French champion more than ever. According to various sources, the coach of Nice The arrival is no longer suspicious. It remains to find an agreement with the contracting party, Aiglons.


DuPont and Toulouse are out of breath

“”You don’t always have to wait for Antoine Dupont to cross the pitch …This entry by Stade Toulousain manager Ugo Mora after Castres Olympique eliminated the defending champion in the semi-finals is a clear indication that the best player in the world was unable to play in his match. France’s XV scrum-half, who played a decisive role in the playoffs with Stade Rochelais, was almost noticeable against adjacent turns, losing to test and metronome author Santiago Arata in Uruguay. did not. The endless season of trials has improved the breathtaking DuPont’s feet. For the French XV captain aiming to win the World Champion at Studd on October 28, 2023, he charges the battery and relieves pressure before tackling the important and fierce 2022-2023 season. The vacation will come at the right time. France.

Guthrie passed by

After five races without points, Pierre Guthrie finished the series in Baku in fifth place. After that, French pilot Alpha Tauri arrived in Montreal with ambition. After he finished 16th in qualifying, his ambitions quickly cooled. A big disappointment like his anonymous race on Sunday finished in a modest 14th place. Guthrie has been struggling with only one top 10 in the last seven races this season.

La Graët has been taken over by Mbappé again

Did Noël Le Graêt lose the opportunity to silence? According to Kylian Mbappe’s assessment, the answer is yes. “”He (Mbappe) said the federal government did not defend him after criticizing the network after missing his penalty (editor’s note during the PK match against Switzerland in the last 16 rounds of the euro). discovered.He no longer wanted to play for the French team“In the column of, I declared the president of FFF JDD.. Mbappe argued that “Yes, in the end I explained to him well that above all it was related to racism and not to penalties. But he thought there was no racism …“Atmosphere. The relationship between the blues striker and the” 3F “boss was already fresh. Even if Le Grae wanted to calm things down a few hours after the tweet from “KM”, there’s clearly no warming. RMC : “I agree with him. I understand everything and he has no problem.I always had a deep attachment to his personality.. “

English XV derails against barbarians with French sources

demonstration. The British barbarian, made up of many French players and the Top 14, led by Fabien Galthié, did a short English job in Twickenham (55-21) on Sunday. Slap for the XV Dela Rose, worried before the summer tour in Australia. The absence of Leicester and Saracen players occupied in the finals of the England Championship on Saturday, or Alex Donbrandt’s (knee) last-minute package doesn’t explain everything. “”I wanted to play this game against Barbarian, but don’t get me wrong. It was also an Australian warm-up game, so I tried to play it differently.“I played Eddie Jones, and the coach of the XV Dela Rose added:As you can see on the bulletin board, most of what we tried to do today didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work in the future.“. Coue method?”It reminds us of the amount of work we still have to do before Australia“, He added. And at least that’s for sure.