Taliban orders girls closed secondary school

Tens of thousands of girls were scheduled to return to secondary school in Afghanistan on Wednesday, March 23, more than seven months after the Taliban came to power. This severely restricted women’s right to education and work.

The Taliban ordered the closure on Wednesday, March 23, just hours after the reopening of Afghan girls’ middle and high schools, Taliban officials confirmed. “”Yes it’s trueTaliban spokesman Inamullah Samangani told AFP without further comment, confirming reports that the girls were asked to go home.

No Taliban officials immediately explained the reason for this decision. “”You do not have the right to comment.He simply answered Ahmad Aziz Rayan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education. On Wednesday morning, the AFP-TV crew was filming a class at the Zarghona High School for Girls class in the capital Kabul. At that time, a teacher came in and ordered the students to go home. Rejoicing to return to school for the first time since the Islamic fundamentalists came to power last August, the latter closed his books, packed his luggage, and left the classroom with tears. “”I’ve seen students cry and hesitate to quit class.It ’s very painful to see the students cry“I also lamented AFP Parwasha, a teacher at Omarakhan Girls’ School in the capital.

Deborah Lyons, Special Representative of the UN in Afghanistan, said:anxiety»Report of school closure. “”If that is true, what could be the reason“She wondered on Twitter. The international community has the right to education for all stumbling blocks in negotiations on the assistance and approval of fundamentalist Islamic regimes. Some countries and organizations However, the Ministry of Education is proposing paid teachers. Announced resumption.

Separate girls and boys

“”We do not reopen schools to please the international community or to be recognized by the world.Spokesman Aziz Ahmad Rayan guaranteed AFP. “”We do this as part of our responsibility to provide education and educational facilities to our students.“, He added. The Taliban insisted that girls aged 12 to 19 be separated from the boy and want to take the time to ensure that the school operates according to Islamic principles.

In front of the Taliban’s mean face, the girls interviewed by AFP at the opening of the school said, “HappyBack in class, I even thanked the Taliban. Around 07:00 (02:30 GMT), hundreds of students rushed to the entrance to Zarghona Girls’ High School, one of the largest facilities of this type in the capital. Wearing black or colored abaya (large clothing covering the whole body) or a long coat, a white scarf that often covers the head, the lower part of the face hidden by a sanitary mask, teenagers crossed the school’s large blue door. “”When I arrived, I was very happy to see the school door open and all the students coming. And I started to say hello to my teacher.“I am delighted with AFP Sadaf, a 16 year old student at this high school.

Numerous restrictions on women

“”I thought there would be no progress in the future. For the past eight months we have been trying to study books at home.Hope for further development in the Islamic Emirate (the name of the Taliban administration)Add teenagers who want to be doctors. Schools in other states such as Panjshir (northeast), Kunduz (north) and Herat (southwest) also opened in the morning before closing the door. “”Today is a very beautiful dayMarjan, a freshman at Gawharshad High School in Herat, was enthusiastic.

“”Last year, all students were psychologically affected. I want to prevent this from happening again.“Adding a young girl. This girl’s return to high school followed boys and girls who were allowed to resume classes two months after the Taliban occupied Kabul last August. But only in primary school. In the seven months of reign, the Taliban imposed a number of restrictions on women. They were banned from many government jobs, restricted in clothing, and in the town. It is also forbidden to travel alone outside. Muslims also arrested and detained several activists who proved women’s rights. In Afghanistan because of the poverty and conflict that has plagued the country. Students often missed the full range of the grade. Some continue schooling until their teens or twenties.

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