Tarbes: When rugby enters the wall of the remand center

On Tuesday, June 14th, a rugby tournament was held at the Talves Remand Center to touch prisoners from two teams, the Stad Youth Team and the Prison Selection Team.

Karim * is breathtaking. “It feels good to play rugby. Our prisoners are interested in soccer, boxing and bodybuilding. It’s good to discover new sports. Karim said on Tuesday, June 14th. Participate in rugby tournaments that you participate in as part of the “Drop de Sonzon” operation. They are about 15 prisoners and are divided into two teams to compete with the youth team at the Stad Training Center and the national prison selection team, led by Stephen Ducos, at the Tarbes prison sports ground. To do. .. “We see people from the outside, but it’s rare. I wish touchdown rugby was going on regularly, but we’ve been asking for it for a while,” Karim adds. increase. Cecil, a sports instructor at the Remand Center, said, “There is a demand for touch rugby to become a regular activity … the majority are soccer players. They tend to move forward and wait for the ball. They have to keep up. When it comes to symbols, it makes a big difference. “Here, wherever possible, they play soccer. Inmates also play basketball once a week. At the sports office, I also have to go out four times as part of my mountain prevention activities, “says Cécile.

Rugby values

“Before touching this tournament, the prisoners had been practicing for over a month and a half under the supervision of Stad’s coach and supervisor, Stephen Ducos. The idea was the value of rugby in the facility, It’s about promoting the discipline imposed by this sport. Initially, they may have some problems, but they stick and play the game. Interventions are always going well, “said the National Prison Team. Coach and security guard at Tarbes’ remand center explains Philip Manshoe.
“We came at the request of Philip Manshoe, whose father is in charge of the Stadrugby School. I think we can intervene regularly in the establishment. Together with my former employer committee, we Has already intervened on this site. It’s good to keep doing that in the club. There are a lot of young people in STAPS. It would be a good apprentice for them to start working in this environment, “Stéphane Ducos said. Emphasize.
Philip Manshoe hopes that the tournament will perpetuate regular rugby activities on the site and, in the long run, will allow it to have a worthy field, such as the Mont-de-Marsan prison, where synthetic fields are located. I’m out. On tarmac, even with touch rugby, it’s better to avoid falls, as prisoner and former SOM player Frederick pointed out when he was young. “It’s a shame not to play on the grass, but it’s positive. This allows us to get out of our cell and get to know each other.” And on the ground, prisoners are in prison to wet the jerseys. Because it gives it as much as a player of choice and stud.

* The name of the inmate has been changed.

Prison faces police at Maurice Trelt this Thursday

Operation “Drop dezonzon” took place as part of a one-week course of national prison selection. A group of 35 people, including 27 players, was received by one at the Ger camper HPR. “We were very well received by one personer HPR. Colonel Laforcade will also bring his medical support to the match on Thursday, “says Philip Manshoe. The prison choice will face the French police team at Maurice-Trell Stadium this Thursday at 7 pm. The selection process, which consists of prison staff, is held twice a year in the form of a weekly internship, followed by a match. And, depending on the location, associate a local club. In Paris, two racing players, François Trin Duc and Fabian Sancony, participated.