Tattoo Isere, the map you have everything

At the beginning of the next grade, the end of the Pack’rentrée paper checkbook for junior high school students! Give way to Tattoo Isere, which has everything from new sports, culture and leisure reward cards for junior high school students’ annual activities. It’s easier for college students, easier for partner clubs and associations, and this new card is also free! How to benefit from that benefit? Now that everything is done online, just a few clicks. You can receive it in your mailbox at the beginning of the school year by registering with Partner Associations and Organizations after May 2nd and by registering students from June 1st.

Notification to Isère Partners: Register!

Yesterday morning, Dean Jean-Pierre Barbie and Martine Cory, vice president of children, family, youth and sports, presented a new tattoo to 42 sports committees in Avan’s Ministry of Sports. Benefits for the Isere system and its participating partners.

“” Of course, all you have to do is register online. The brand new Tattoo Isere Card allows partners to make direct transactions with beneficiary junior high school students from the beginning of the next school year. The transaction will automatically lead to a departmental refund within 4 weeks and you will not need to send any more documents !!! Opened from May 2nd and already has 500 partners to register, Isere We need more partners everywhere. In particular, there is only one advantage to being a partner. That means more college students may come together to enroll that year. “Emphasis on Vice President Martine Kohly.

The purpose of this card is to always better support Isère’s associative fabric, in addition to device modernization. Therefore, it fixes Pack’loisir issues previously identified by partners and simplifies all steps.

Due to the health crisis, the Sports Association has lost up to 30% of its licensees. On their side in the turmoil, the department paid them nearly € 2 million in the midst of a health crisis to help the most difficult people (total release for the coalition department during this period). Of the 30 million euros that were made).

Subsequently, the department changed the leisure pack exceptionally and reimbursed up to 50% of sports licenses during the 2021-202 sports season. The average amount of aid provided to junior high school students through the sports of the pass was 90 euros, and the total amount of Pac Loisir was 146 euros (six checks including the culture of the pass are 30 euros + 90 euros for the pass sports). Specifically, the budget allocated to this policy has increased six-fold (from € 229,270 to € 1,377,388).

But the result is there. This assistance has made it possible to regain the number of pre-crisis sports members in junior high school as many sporting events and clubs continue to show a further decline in post-crisis enthusiasm. In terms of numbers, 28,305 junior high school students purchased Pack Loisir from 2019-2020, and 28,428 junior high school students purchased from 2021 to 2022. Of these, 15,284 (54%) used pass sports, and 15,344 junior high school students (54%) from 2021 to 2022.

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Notice to junior high school students: Register from June 1st!

The new Tattoo Isère card can also overcome all obstacles that could prevent families from taking advantage of Pack’loisirs to reach 65,000 students at 97 public and 22 private universities in Isère. I am aiming. Prosperity through cultural, artistic and sporting activities is essential in these times of growth and openness to the world, so in these times customs and hobbies sometimes last a lifetime.

In this way, Isere is working with Cafe de Isere to launch a new tattoo Isere device. Replace the pack roysir in the next school year.. Tattoo Isere offers junior high school students a free card worth € 60 for annual sports, cultural and artistic activities. This amount will be increased by Cafdel’Isère up to € 45 for family cultural and artistic activities with a QF of less than € 800.

The novelty is as follows.

• The device will be free for 65,000 junior high school students in Isere (before € 8).
• Tattoo Isère card. One card for all university education (before becoming a checkbook to order every year).
• A € 60 kitten funded by the Ministry of Isere for annual registration of sports, culture and artistic activities (previously two checks of € 15).

• A cultural bonus of € 45 funded by Cafdel’Isère for families with a QF of less than € 800, or € 105.
• € 10 per year (before € 8) for purchases at bookstores that can be deducted from € 60 kittens.
• This is a payment tool and secure application for making direct transactions with partner partners (previously the check was given to the partner).
• Pass’loisirs discount coupons replace the year-round deals (movie tickets, sports tickets, special offers such as shows, discounts, free admission, etc.) from the Tattoo Isère partner area.
• What doesn’t change: 10 euro voucher at the bookstore.

“” With the latest free card that summarizes all the benefits offered by the department and its partners, there is no longer any reason not to use or participate in it.So sign up », Emphasizes department head Jean-Pierre Barbie.