Taubila is leaving the stage and candidates are worried that there will be no election debate … Political news of the day

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Today’s News: Declared Candidates Demand Election Debate Despite the War in Ukraine

39 days before the first round, they are worried. Declared candidates are increasingly openly annoyed by the idea that there is no democratic debate, the presidential election is hampered by the war in Ukraine, and Emmanuel Macron is not yet an official candidate. It has been.

Debout la France candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a sovereignist, blamed the French 2 set on Wednesday, March 2nd. “Specific instrumentalization of Ukrainian dramas”It makes it possible to prey on the campaign, according to him. “If there is no actual election within 39 days, what are the missions of future candidates and future presidents? »»He wondered and repeated his remarks about the lack of discussion in this campaign recently made by several candidates for the presidential election.

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“It wouldn’t be a matter of Russia’s aggression, which robs the French of what is the basis of our democratic system.” On Tuesday, at the end of an appointment with Jean Castex and several other candidates, he discussed with Marine Le Pen, a candidate for the National Rally. “We will do our best to ensure that the campaign runs as successfully as possible. The government will do everything in its power.” I declared the prime minister on this occasion.

“These are civilization choices that will take place in 2022. Why am I fighting so much for us to have a major political debate in our country? Climate, biodiversity, capital? There are major challenges in principle, dictatorship, and resource acquisition. “Warned Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts) at Franceinfo on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the Head of State talks about the conflict that is currently confusing Europe with the French population at 8 pm Wednesday. Elysée reports that this speech has only one purpose. It’s about talking about international affairs. Even if the retiring President of the Republic has only two days left to formalize his candidacy, there should be no doubt about national affairs.

Photo: Christiane Taubila leaves the campaign

Christiane Taubila announced withdrawal from the presidential election at La Fabric in Paris on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

After all, she didn’t go all the time. The last candidate declared on the left side of the presidential election, Christiane Taubila, has to give up because of lack of sufficient sponsorship.

She announced her withdrawal from the campaign at a press conference at noon on Wednesday. “Despite the mobilization of volunteers, my campaign team, Popular primaryDespite the promises of many elected officials that have not been realized, it is clear that there are no 500 signatures needed to compete in the presidential election. “She pointed out.

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Later, the former seal keeper blamed the sponsorship system. “This candidacy is hampered by an administrative system that cannot survive this campaign. It has lived for the last few hours.” Tuesday 1 while Christiane Taubila is disposinger In March, only 181 of the 500 signatures needed to stand.

At the end of the intervention, she herself “Express[t] publicly [s]Vote » In the first round “In the next week”.. His retention in the Elysee race has been less likely since he declared his candidacy two months ago in mid-January.

Sentence: “International affairs remove all hesitation” … Jean-Pierre Rafalin announces support for Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron enrolls in the presidential election with a new rally from the right, when he has not yet declared himself a candidate for his succession. Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Rafalin (2002-2005) announced his support for the next President of the Republic on Wednesday morning at LCI’s Mike.

“This five-year term will arguably remain one of the most difficult things in our history. (…) In my opinion, the president has responded to that position.He guaranteed. “I want his candidacy, and I support him. Although international affairs are particularly threatening, Emmanuel Macron is the youngest and most experienced candidate and rare.Leaving the Republican Party in 2019, but continued to maintain a relationship with rights.

He also justified his decision not to support his former party candidate. “I thought a lot about this subject because of my consideration and affection for Valerie Pécrès, but the dangers of today’s international situation remove all hesitation.” He said before adding: “Now is the time for national unity. We must gather behind the heads of our executives. »»

Archive of the “World”: In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy strives to spare Jacques Chirac

Archive of the

This theme also attracted attention in 2007 when international affairs are essential in today’s presidential elections due to the war in Ukraine. Fifteen years ago, in search of a camp as a politician, Nicolas Sarkozy gave a long speech about his vision of French foreign policy.State his desire “diagnose” Was not “Prelude to a beautiful slate”It pays homage to the actions Jacques Chirac took during his two terms.

“Mr. Sarkozy first praised Mr. Chirac’s” robustness “that he expected in the campaign. From Bosnia When From Kosovo »»Can you read world March 2, 2007, and ” the “”“Clarity” that allowed him not to involve France in “the uncertain business of the Iraq War, which was a historical mistake”..

“He also refused to” submit “to a country where France is a” unwavering “allied ally, approaching the head of state’s view of the United States. “Write journalists Natalie Nugerede and Philip Ride. “I ask our American friends to free us and to be their friends.”Said Sarkozy.Asked by a foreign journalist, he once again tried to undermine his reputation as an Atlanticist and became a journalist. “Find a text or program [il a] Assisted George Bush in Iraq.

“Russia’s development is’worried'”, Believe in Sarkozy, and “Silence is unacceptable” It was before “200,000 people died, 400,000 people evacuated War in Chechnya »».. “But this silence, Sarkozy himself observed in 2002 when the Minister of Interior began to cooperate within the framework of the fight against Russian secret services. “Chechen Network“”Report to journalists..

The proceedings on Thursday, March 3rd.

Displacement. Yannick Jadot, an environmental candidate for the presidential election, will attend the Agricultural Show from 8:45 am. Debout la France candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignin, a sovereignist, also meets the world of peasants at the port of Versailles. “France’s largest farm”10 o’clock.

Great oral. Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo will participate in a security assessment of a French city in Le Creusot (Saône-et-Loire) in the afternoon. Nicolas Bay is Eric Zemmour (reconquer!), Ugo Bernarisis is Jean-Luc Melenchon (French Insoumise), Pierre Garson is Fabien Roussel (French Communist Party), Julien Sanchez is Marine Le Pen (National Union), Sabrina Sebaihi is Janic Jadot. (European Ecology-Greens).

At the post. RN candidate Marine Le Pen is a guest of the political program “Elysée 2022” at 8:40 pm in France 2.