Team sports.Le Mans FC-MSB: News from graduates


The championship is in the final (short) straight. Whatever the purpose you achieve, your mood no longer has to be. Rodez (18When) And Paris FC (4When) It was a concrete example. At the end of 15 games, without a slight win, Laurent Palerad With Remi Boashie I had to win not to reach one of the last three places. Paris FC, except for the opposite Vincent Demarconay When Maxim Bernauer I was obliged to reclaim points from my trip to Averon in order to stay in touch with the Axion playoffs location. It was Parisian who finally won by a small margin.

AC Ajaccio Mathieu Coutade, Jean-Philippe Classo (Pause) and Bevic Moussiti-Oko I did the same by fixing Dijon 3-0. Thanks to this great victory, the Corsicans have never been so close to finding an elite.

The struggle to stay in touch with the prestigious trio is from Concarnois (nationwide). Viot, Baal, tin, Gope-Fenepej When El Khoumisti Try to maintain. However, the Bretons were overtaken by Le Mans FC’s last opponent, Villefranche Beaujolais, by allowing a seventh point split (2-2 against Laval) in eight games.

To stay on this notion of good students, National 2, FC Martig Duporter Jeremy Ames Take advantage of an interesting series to get closer to 3 points behind the goal FC, who is the leader of the group and is supported this weekend. ScreamLe Mans coach, because a shock between the two candidates of National will occur next Saturday.


last week, Jean Baptist Maille It was essential to Strathbourg’s victory over Boulogne Levalois (87-81). He put together 7 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds. Youssoupha autumn With 12 points and 4 rebounds in 19 minutes, he contributed to ASVEL’s widespread success against Paris.

Deishuan Booker Since arriving at Fos-sur-Mer, it has continued to show its superiority. His 19 units, 7 pds, 3 rbds weren’t enough to prevent his team’s defeat against Gravelines-Dunkerque (76-84). JDA Jack Allinge (6 points, 5 points, 5 rebounds at 23 feet) Defeated Le Portelde Mouphtau Yarou (16 points and 6 rebounds at 20 feet).

In Pro B, 17 points from the blower Paul Rigo Almost defeated leader Saint-Chamond assault (76-77).Victory over Rouen’s Nantes (110-74) Pierre Etienne Drew (22 points, 3 pds, 3 rbds). Irvine Bassonba It also shined with 5 units and 11 strikes. This victory does not save Rouen, who has been accused of descending.

In Spain Obi EmeganoAt 21 points, I carried Fuenlabrada again, but this time it was useless.Real Betis Vitto Brown The battle to maintain (13 points, 3 rbds) was a huge success on the floor of Andorra (76-93).

Finally, at the NBA, the end of the season Nicolas Batum Paul George (Covid-19) and Kawhi Leonard (injured) were orphaned in the Los Angeles Clippers franchise, and New Orleans Pelican (101-105) was beaten in the play-in on Friday. Tricolor Winger is on vacation. He withdrew for the next euro with the French team at the beginning of September.

Team sports.Le Mans FC-MSB: News from graduates