Testimony of the mother of a sick girl

This may be the beginning of a new health scandal. Faced with a strong resurgence of severe food poisoning and the deaths of two children, authorities have urged food giant Nestlé to withdraw all pizzas from the Buitoni fresh-up series from the market. RMC collected the testimony of her mother, whose 7-year-old daughter became ill.

It all started 10 days ago. Marjine prepares Buitoni pizza for her 7 year old daughter. A few hours later she got sick. She has diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite. Then her mother thinks about simple gastroenteritis. But four days later, her daughter’s condition worsens.

“I was so scared that I took her to the emergency room. But since we returned, she kept complaining about her stomach and didn’t eat as usual. Surrounded, white, and lacking energy, you’ll find that it takes longer to recover than a normal gastrointestinal tract, “she explains to RMC.

So when Marjine heard about the withdrawal of all Buitoni pizzas from the Fraîch’up range-recall on the internet on Friday night, let’s establish a connection and call the number set by the company for consumers. will do. He sent me an email, but I didn’t get a reply. Why is there no more information? I think we could have stopped production after January.

Dozens of cases since early January

Indeed, health officials have pointed out that since the beginning of January, the number of cases of severe food poisoning has skyrocketed, killing two children. “As of March 17, 27 cases of E. coli-related HUS (severe infections) with similar characteristics have been identified, and another 31 are under investigation,” the fraud enforcement agency wrote in a press release. .. All of Buitoni’s highly suspicious fresh-up pizza lines have been pulled from the shelves and consumers are urged to destroy them.

Why is there such a delay between the appearance of the first case of HUS and the withdrawal of Nestlé products? “These are complex cases to characterize, and people don’t always remember what they ate in the last few weeks,” a scam suppression spokesman told RMC. “What is certain is that we usually have 100 cases a year, which is too much than usual.”

HUS, serious syndrome

Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is most often a food-borne illness that can become severe at extreme ages in infants and the elderly.

“If the child is no longer urinating and is found to be very pale, we should not wait for him to move to the emergency room. Multiple organ failure can lead to acute renal failure. That is the need for dialysis for children, and sometimes with dramatic consequences, “explains Jerome Marti, president of UFMLS, a leading union of liberal physicians.

Why is Buitoni Pizza “very suspected”? The suppression of fraud has uncovered “a strain of E. coli that may be associated with a serious poisoning of inedible Buitoni pizza.” Fraud crackdowns and French public health are conducting new tests, and the results should be available in a few days.

Nestlé said in a press release that “there is no proven link between the product and the addiction” and that the recall is “in the name of the precautionary principle.”