testimony. War in Ukraine: This 31-year-old French talks about why he “takes weapons to help Ukrainians.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on all foreigners who are willing to fight for the Ukrainian cause to join the resistance. On Sunday, 31-year-old Jordan from Grenoble will fly from Lyon Airport to Krakow in southern Poland. His final destination, the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on all foreigners who are willing to fight for the Ukrainian cause to join the resistance. A phone call that found a reaction with some French people. Among them, this 31-year-old Jordanian, who had been employed in a supermarket in Gournoble for 10 years, did not hesitate to take an unpaid vacation to go forward.

“I visited Kyiv three years ago, where I met kind, respectable and peaceful people.” On this occasion, the 30-year-old became friends with a Ukrainian military officer. “Today he is under a bomb in Odessa, southern Ukraine. We were able to exchange it a few days ago. It is a weapon for me to assist them in the face of the Russian dictatorship. It was a motivation to take, “says Jordan.

It must be said that the youth of Grenoble are also keen on the history and geopolitics of Eastern European countries. “I love their culture and traditions. European identity and culture are very important to me. It is our duty to help them. It happens in the center of Europe and I sit here Do nothing. “” Even if Jordan has no real military experience, weapons have little secret to him. “I’m used to handling weapons. I often go to Eastern European countries to shoot with weapons not available here in France, such as Kalashnikov. It’s a relatively manageable weapon. Anyone can master it in 10 minutes. can.”

Participate in the front desk

This Sunday, Jordan will fly to Krakow in southern Poland from Lyon Airport. “For now, I don’t know if I’m arriving in Odessa via Romania or the Polish border via northern Ukraine. It takes nearly 6 hours by train from Krakow to the Ukrainian city of Lviv.” He admits. Brave but not reckless. It is this city where Romania stays. The capital Kyiv has become a dangerous swamp that does not reassure our fighters.

But before joining Ukraine, Grunoble natives plan to spend two days practicing shooting in Poland in preparation for arriving on the battlefield. Jordan does not seem to be worried about cross-border issues. “Ukrainian soldiers are vulnerable and need help. Following the president’s appeal, they send all European volunteers. Formally, they need to fill out a form. But the ambassador It gets complicated because the pavilion’s site is saturated or blocked, “he explains.

Upon arriving there, according to the information Jordan gathered from the contacts, the volunteers will receive Kalashnikov after passing through the registration office. “Before going forward, I also take advantage of the opportunity to work humanely with refugees by helping distribute medicines, food, clothing, etc.” And family? “My dad blessed me when I made the decision, but my mother was emotional, so I preferred not to tell her. My girlfriend also supports me with my approach Anyway, no one let me change. I want to be part of that. The story, “he concludes.