The beginning of a major operation at USA Limoges

Therefore, USA Limoges hooked the right wagon. By accessing the future National 2 established at the beginning of next year, especially to facilitate the transition to professionalism, Rimojo players have achieved the club’s goals that cannot miss the train of reform. bottom.
In the restructuring process that began in 2018 following the executive demotion to Federal 2, National 2 is more than just a reward. In particular, as Adrian Buononart points out, it marks the turning point for USAL, which will celebrate its 120th anniversary this fall.

“Use this positive force”

Arriving at the bedside of the Limoges club at the end of October, SAXV’s former manager spoke lengthly on Sunday from the last whistle with Mayor Emile Roger Lombarty of Limoges and his sports assistant Sylvie Rosette. For the club, for the player, his “Hide Happiness. We had a beautiful Sunday with incredible scenarios and a very popular enthusiasm. It gives the club a big boost. We now need to transform and use this positive force to switch to the right. ‚ÄĚLike any other way, leaders can take advantage of this happy episode to inspire new dynamics. How to encourage them to do it.
On the side of Saint Jeans Street, we are aware that the construction site has begun. “I have a little work tomorrow (Monday). Last year, I admitted Sunday Julian Delay, the club’s general manager who evoked National. It was planned. We expected a few things. But there’s still a lot to do. “
In the euphoria of victory, the leader of Limoges, who prefers to enjoy the present moment, has shown to be very cautious and cautious about “this climb with many things” at the time.

And when you’re hungry, it’s USAL that goes up

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budget ? “Maybe it will have to increase. If you can’t, do what you have,” he said. coach? “(Laughs). They will be with me tonight (Sunday), and we will see later,” he ran away.

Player waiting on the way

According to our information, if Adrian Buononato and Sebastian Danovaro want to challenge National 2 in Limoges, the composition of the staff has not been decided by management. -Final contract renewal. Clement Gerinault’s march and Eric Mestre’s departure announced by Malemolt.
In terms of workforce, many athletes were wondering about their future in “blue and red.” Especially because it was not yet accepted by leaders awaiting future fixation. Club athlete. Therefore, the interview should be accelerated in the next few days.
So far, Pedrosoto and Gonzalolopes Bom Tempo have been announced to leave for Rennes. The name of Giorgi Margverani is on the side of Vienna. Mashima Samisoni was able to quit. In the direction of arrival, the club will support the recruitment of young people from the wishes of professional clubs. Pro D2 players also reportedly had an approach.

Jean-Francois Darthoux