The best activity to try this winter

Ice climbing, bobsleighs, skijoring … a selection of activities to try in the mountains to explore every aspect of winter sports.

I like snow but I don’t like skiing, I want to ski but I don’t like spatulas, I want to hit the slopes in the morning but I don’t like it in the afternoon. To satisfy the growing number of vacationers who believe there is more to life than skiing, resorts are increasing their options other than downhill skiing. With an anthology of near-natural activities such as fins at your feet, pickaxes in your hands or in a basket, and far from the slopes, you can enjoy the stunning white circus at the resort.

Ice floating, relaxation made in Lapland

Directly from Finland, this wonderful outdoor activity consists of immersing yourself in a thick waterproof suit in the clear, fairly cool waters of a mountain lake. In just a moment, your body relaxes and a deep sense of relaxation spreads to all cells. Time seems to have stopped while lying on his back, the flood of thoughts subsides, and his gaze wanders towards the snow-covered peaks. After last year’s Val-Cenis, it is Val-d’Isére and Tignes’ turn to provide this sensory floating experience.

Where to test: Val-Cenis, Val-d’Isere, Tignes.

price : From 40 euros.

for whom : It is accessible to everyone from a height of 10 years or at least 1.50 meters.

Ice diving, play big blue

A fascinating immersion under the ice illuminated by strange shadows and play of light. Evolution 2

Popular with big blues, some of which were shot on Lake Tignes, this activity is like a pure poetic moment. After wearing an essential warmly lined waterproof suit with gloves and a hood, it’s time to go to the other side of the mirror. Still connected to Ariadne’s thread, you dive into an unknown world. There, I witness a bubble ballet dancing on the surface of the ice, illuminated by a strange shadow play, in a muffled silence disturbed only by the sound of the regulator. Light. A fascinating experience to immerse yourself in time.

Where to test: Tignes, Les Angles, Val Thorens, Val Cenis, Chamoruse, Superbesse, Bessans.

price : From 100 euros.

for whom : All accessible from 10 years or 1.50 meters.

MoonBike, cut out for exploration

This alternative to snowmobiles is 100% electric. Press image

An environmentally friendly alternative to snowmobile raids, the MoonBike is a new machine between Snowscoot and snowmobiles. Quiet, fast, powerful, convenient, 100% electric and ultra-lightweight, it can travel at 42 km / h and climb hills at 30 °. Mount to ride to explore the mountains with complete peace of mind, without the risk of disturbing wildlife with an approved guide.

Where to test: La Plagne, Tignes, Les Saisies, Lisle, Courchevel, Frein, Val d’Isères, Alpe d’Huez, Chamony, Le Sauze, Saint Nicolas de Veroche.

price : About € 70 for a 40 minute outing.

for whom : Available from 14 years old.

Mountain cart, snow formula 1

These motorless cars offer a genuine feel here on the slopes of Serre Chevalier (Autozarp). OT Serre Chevalier

A type of low tricycle with rubber wheels, handlebars and disc brakes, but no motor, the mountain cart is driven solely by gravity. After being born in Austria, he made his first round in Selle Chevalier, first in the summer and then in the winter. As the car travels along the snow, you don’t need any experience to depart downhill on a dedicated slope and enjoy the slides, the more or less controlled skid, and the sensation of 10x speed.

Where to test: Serre Chevalier, Villard-de-Lans, Valloire, Les Menuires, Valmorel, Artouste.

price : Approximately 18 € descent (+ pedestrian pass cost).

for whom : It can be accessed from 1.30 to 1.40m depending on the station.

Bobsleigh in Olympic mode

La Pragne, the global epicenter of the field since the Albertville Olympics, is the only course in France. Pierre Aussie

Invented by the Swiss in the 1860s, the bobsleigh involves racing narrow, winding, frozen tracks separated by banked turns on a gravitational sled. An activity for strong emotional enthusiasts practicing in La Plane on a track built for the 1992 Albertville Olympics. Unique in France, famous as one of the most technical in the world, open to the public and sprinting well. Behind a professional driver passing 19 turns peaking at 120km / h before the final deceleration.

Where to test: La Plage.

price : 128 euros.

for whom : From 18 years old.

For hot air balloons and oxygen balloons

Another view of the summit above the resort of Praise-sur-Alley in the heart of Mont Blanc. Sightseeing in Praise Sur Ally

Want to go to the sky and get closer to the summit? Ride a hot airball at Prase Sur Ally, 5 km from Mejeve. The resort benefits from exceptional aviation conditions and flies in a hot air balloon over the pure white peaks of Pay du Mont Blanc. Take off to the top of Europe, wander in the air at an altitude of 2,000 meters, ideal for immortalizing the magical landscape, and return to the chamois floor celebrated with champagne.

Where to test: Praz-sur-Arly, Courchevel, Le Grand-Bornand, Font-Romeu.

price : A flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes costs about 260 euros.

for whom : Beyond the platform from 1.35 meters.

Ice climbing flirting on the glacier

This practice develops in all massifs in Pic du Midi in the Pyrenees. Nicholas Bourgeois

It’s a horrifying activity because it’s often perceived as very physical. Ice climbing is more accessible than it looks and is well developed in all massifs. Go to the top of Picdu Midi, put a corset on your harness, put crampons on your feet, an ice ax on your hands, and a helmet on your head, and take a brave departure to attack the new natural icefall, safely and open. It will be published for a few days. Suspended along a frozen wall at an altitude of 2,856m, you will spend hours learning gestures and tame all the delicacy of this refreshing activity under the supervision of a guide.

Where to test: Pic du Midi, Cirque de Gavarnie, Queyras, Megève, Montriond, Sancy, Val Thorens, Champagny-en-Vanoise.

price : Half day € 200 (+ cable car pass € 45).

for whom : From 12 years old.

Skijoring for riding the summit

If you have the basics of skiing here in Les Arcs (Savoie), this activity is the most accessible to most people. AB Tourism

Scandinavian traditional transportation, a sport popular with British people during their vacation in St. Moritz in the early 20th centuryWhen Skijoring is on the rise in the centuries when skiers were taken to the summit before the advent of ski lifts. Resumed from Rezaruku about 20 years ago, the field is towed by horses or ponies using short skis (up to 1.60 m) and a special harness with two handles that can steer the mount. .. You don’t have to be a rider to practice, but the basics of skiing (skiing in parallel and having a simple ski lift) are welcome. You can practice in a dedicated and well-maintained area, or practice on a specific track and enjoy a great ride.

Where to test: Les Arcs, Méribel, Avoriaz, Le Collet d’Allevard, La Clusaz, Les Orres, Le Mont-Dore.

price : € 60 for an hour ride.

for whom : From 6 or 7 years old depending on size.