The blue dream of the first final is flying away

The French team played against Germany in the formidable Alexandra Popp (1-2) in the semi-finals.

The French team broke one of the British glass ceilings, but not two. By defeating the Netherlands last Saturday (1-0 ap), Bruce put an end to the painful series of five consecutive defeats in the quarterfinals. Alas, Wednesday night, it was a semi-final pit that proved insurmountable to them. Like the 2011 World Cup and the 2012 Olympics, French women faced the march from the first major international finals. At the end of the match paradoxically escaped them when Germany seemed to be the most difficult (1-2). Cruel scenario.As the British tabloids wanted Sun Therefore, in that day’s edition, it is the Germans who will be competing for the European title with Britain next Sunday (6 pm) in Wembley.

Germany strikes first

For a long 30 minutes, this semi-final will end in two turns. Recognizing that the danger comes primarily from the sides, Germany has done everything to cut the French wings with constant efficiency. Corinne Deacon players in particular couldn’t take advantage of the individual differences they sometimes managed. On the other hand, Captain Wendy Lunar was watching over the grain, so there was little chance on the German side either. Except for the pieces of the set, especially Alexandra Popp’s shot from the spectacular vertical to the corner by Pauline Peylow Magnin (22nd). Inevitable pop stands out from the crowd and must shoot the French goalkeeper ahead of Eve Perisse on the cross from the right to score the fifth goal of the tournament in order to get out of the dormant state where the meeting could fall. Did not (0-1, 40 days). Regularity made women, one for each match.

You can’t reach your goal, but the goal of Les Bleues

An opening score that has the merit of waking up and stabbing French people. And unlike the quarterfinals with the Netherlands, who took 33 shots (one-third of the goal) to find the opening, this time they didn’t even have to tweak their sights to score. Indeed, if Caddy Diatou Diani’s spectacular shot just before the break finished the race behind the net, it would unfortunately be behind the post and opponent’s goalkeeper, Merle Froms. After hitting in a row (1-1, 44 days). France, led by the euro for the first time, had just shown a terrifying ability to react to avoid suspiciously entering the changing room in the head. Among other things, she also proved that she could be realistic during the first act of German rule in general.

Alexandra Popp as Executioner

It wasn’t the case for continuation. Entering the break of the young and boiling Selma Bacha (21 years old), France regained its splendid state on the side and needed two beautiful parades of Fromm in redemption mode during play time-from Basha (62nd) and Leonard (63rd) point blank header-Bruce leads the shot. Alas, Germany seemed to physically blame the blow, but Pop removed it from the bad steps with an angry stabbed header (1-2, 76th). At the age of 31, she told all of her experiences and she achieved her total of six achievements in this euro. This makes it even more sad that there is no French side of Marie Antoinette Katoto who has been injured since the second game. Without exceptional scorers at this level of competition, everything would be more difficult. Les Bleues had a tremendous amount of momentum in the last 15 minutes, but unfortunately they learned it at their expense. Very close and far from Wembley.