The construction of the future Palais Sports Decarn is here

An aerial photograph of the site at the end of December to evaluate the future integration of the palace into the environment.
An aerial photograph of the construction site of Khan’s Palade Sports at the end of December 2021 to assess the future integration of the hall into the environment. You can see a part of the zenith on the right side of the photo. (© Zanello)

One of the three 55-meter-high crane operators is probably the one with the best vision of the game. From his cabin, he distributes the elements to his teammates on the ground. And downstairs, they show the crazy skill of advancing the site they have to prepare for the summer of 2023, where the first athlete can start the 2023-2024 season.

future Sports palace of Khan Next to Zenith, on the other side of the D405, you’ll be taking the driver to Louvigny. “We’re on track. No bad surprises,” said Aristide Olivier, Deputy Mayor of Sports in Khan, who is in charge of finance within the urban community.

310 piles at a depth of 15m

The foundation was completed with extensive reinforcement of a total of 310 piles driven at a depth of 15 meters. It is these mountains that support the Sports Palace. The parking slabs have already been poured and large walls have been built along Boulevard Eve Guillow. He cannot be seen from the street. “Most of the future parede sports are buried, like Michel Dornano Stadium.”

To get there, it was necessary to dig a large hole of 80 x 80 meters in the middle of summer and extract nearly 30,000 m³ of soil. The earthworks then started in September, after which workers attacked the foundation in November. “To fully understand the progress of the site, we need to know that it is divided into four zones of approximately the same size on the ground,” said Fabien Lecaillon, work director at Norman’s Zanello. Explains. This company is SNCF or Navy Group. The fifth zone is about terrain. »»

“The building must move”

It is directed east-west as if it were along the Boulevard Yves Guillou. It will be done at the end. “These divisions can be explained by the fact that the building must be able to move, as each zone has its own life, especially to adapt to the movement of the land.” And also the tremors created by the enthusiasm of the audience!

If you look closely, the northern walls are already well-advanced and rounded. Future enclosures are also distinguished by their shape, sometimes large circles reminiscent of balls, or, more philosophically, the union of groups, which is the strength of a great team.

The basement floors Aristide Olivier and Fabien Lecaillon are the height of the future central circle, a few meters above.
The basement floors Aristide Olivier and Fabien Lecaillon are the height of the future central circle, a few meters above. (© Liberty Caen)

Up to 100 workers

“This architecture was unanimously validated by 16 juries who chose this project rather than another,” recalls Aristide Olivier. What was fascinating was the insertion of the landscape, like a logical echo to the shape of the zenith. In addition, the two rooms will be the same height. This is a roundabout height, 17 meters from the vestibule on the corner of Eve Gillow Boulevard and RD405.

Video: Currently in Actu

The metal frame should be installed in June. “Again, we work on a zone-by-zone basis, so the framework is placed when the structural work is done in each of the four parts of the room,” says Fabien Lecaillon. The framework must be completed by November.

Room as planned after completion.
Room as planned after completion. (© ChabanneArchitect)

“This deadline will probably be met, Aristide Olivier expects. Despite the Covid case impacting the team, the company is deeply involved in the project and the site is on schedule. We are making great efforts to make progress. We can thank them. On average about 50 people work on this site every day. Activities later this year and early 2023. There should be about 100 balloons at the peak of. The first balloon will not take much time to resonate with this new balloon designed to “breath” the sport. In particular, it stands very close to the field.

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