The cost of hosting the Olympic torch is controversial

During the lighting ceremony of the torch of the 2022 Beijing Olympics.  October 18, 2021 in Olympia, Greece.

The Olympic torch does not go through the cruise. Nor is Haute-Vienne, Loire-Atlantique, Andre Eloir, Côtes d’Amour, Orne, Vosges or Lot-et-Gallonne. Paris plans to host the next Olympic Games in 2024, and the Olympic Organizing Committee (OCOG) dreamed of passing the Olympic torch to all divisions of France, but many divisions have already vetoed. I am exercising. In case of problems, asking price: 150,000 euros per department.

“The Olympic torch will not come on a cruise, it’s a matter of cost.”To briefly summarize Marie Christine Banron, Vice President of Sports. MountainOn February 10th, I recall that the cost gradually increased from the original 80,000 euros to today’s 150,000 euros.

Jean-Claude Lebrois, chairman of the Haute-Vienne Provincial Assembly, adds that the bill will increase to another 180,000 euros once all taxes have been recorded. “It costs about 180,000 euros a day and counts without the cost of entertainment. It’s exorbitant,” he said. He regrets.

“This amount is half my budget to fund sporting events all year round.” Ludovic Gouyette, Vice President of the Côtes d’Amall division, West France, This is also a deadlock.He also he “For security and entertainment, we need to add additional costs …”.. “I fell off my chair! »»Reminds me of Sylvie Guiner, Vice President of Indre-et-Loire, France, in Blue, France, who is in charge of sports and culture...

Same price for everyone?

This number is even higher because certain sectors are not allowed to work with the private sector to amortize costs. “OCOG wants to associate some of its partners with the event in three different lines. IOC sponsors and partners of the Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay, Coca-Cola and Toyota, will be priorities for the Paris Games. . “ I have written teamFrom December 2021.. However, you can “Share the bill with public actors.”

For Thierry Miguel, Vice President of Haute-Vienne, the system proposed by OCOG to host relays is unfair because not all departments have the same budget. This is why he proposed different price hypotheses for different departments. Differences in resources that may exist between Hauts-de-Seine and Cruise “for example.

On the Loire Atlantic side, I also regret not being able to select a flame passage date beyond the price. “If 400,000 amateur licenses are on weekdays at school or at work, it’s not the same as Saturday.” Louise Pahun, Vice President of the Division Council West France..

“Cost sharing”

“This amount pays part of the daily cost of passing the flames. It’s logistics, signs, torchbearers, animations …”Michaelël Aloïsio, a spokesman for the 2024 Organizing Committee in Paris, replied France Blue. According to OCOG president Tony Estanguet, the requested fee is “It’s also the result of benchmarks conducted at other travel events.”He protects himself team..

For example, to host the Tour de France, the city will pay the organizer (Amaury Sport Organization) € 65,000 to host the start of the stage, € 110,000 for the end and € 160,000 for the two in 2021. I needed to. Paying, it only won the right to host the race, recalls Patrick Crustres, a sports historian and professor at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland): “In addition, you have to pay the associated costs. It can cost more than tens of thousands of euros. »» Therefore, the city of Fuger, which hosted the arrival of the fourth stage of the 2021 edition, planned an additional cost of € 60,000 to host the event.

“We are not the logic of making money. Tony Estanget team. This is a participation in the cost, as the cost of this course of torch relay over the three months is far greater than the contribution required by the department. (…) The price was not set by Paris 2024, but associated the association of elected civil servants. The latter turned out to be a price available in all regions. »»

Tony Estanguet also claims:“The vast majority of departments are already very positively welcoming this approach.”

Expect economic benefits

Ane and the North applied to Agence France-Presse (AFP) on February 15, as well as Vaucluse, Alpes-de-Haute Provence and Deux-Sèvres. A department where you can add Tarn, Aveyron, Aude, Haute-Garonne. Midi dispatch..Vincent Solnier, vice president of the Mayenne Division Council, confirmed that the Olympic Torch successfully passed through the division, emphasized the proportion of licensees and saw it there. “How to strengthen your territory”, Paid “Appropriate” When It has spread over three years.

Charente-Maritime’s Vice President of Tourism and Sports, Stephen Vilan, also said he was ready to welcome the Olympic torch, emphasizing the beneficial role of passing through the Tour de France 2020. After a break, make a fresh start with Chateleyon Plage on the stage between Oléron and Ile de Ré. “We are still benefiting tourists”Guaranteed the villain to AFP.

But Patrick Clastres does not seem optimistic about the passage of flames. If sports historians point out that this relay can cause certain enthusiasm, especially in Asian countries, “Old Europe” He points out that emotions are more mixed. “Disenchantment”.. “I don’t believe in financial benefitsHe insists. It’s not an event that has the same impact as hosting the Tour de France. When hosting the Tour de France, you have global visibility. Tourists, followers and enthusiasts move to create hotels and commercial activities. As for the Olympic torch, people will not come in particular, nor will they come to carry the torch in departments that are not theirs. The passage of flames is not an event, except for those who carry it. »»