The decree sets out rules to respect the principles of the Republic

Jean Damien Lesson from Localtis

Almost a year after the adoption of the law on August 24, 2021, which confirms respect for the principles of the Republic, the Republic is experiencing its realization in the field of sports. The June 10, 2022 decree, which will come into effect immediately, specifies the conditions for issuing and withdrawing the approvals granted to sports associations and federations.

Republican engagement contract

Its first article is to get approval-provided by state aid-the Sports Association has added a Republican Engagement Contract (CER) to its decree, which provides for respect for the principles of freedom, equality, friendship and dignity. It states that it must be. It is a symbol of humans and the republic, and prohibits doubts about the secular character of the republic and attacks on public order and morals. Article 2 adds a new document to be attached to the approval application. This is a document promising that the statutory representative of the association will respect the CER. As part of this, the approved sports federation will also attach a certificate of enrollment from the CER when notifying the division of the seats of the sports association to which the sports association belongs when the latter affiliation is notified.

Reasons for withdrawal of approval are non-compliance with measures to prohibit or suspend the function of coaching, coaching or supervising physical or sporting activities with minors, and criminal or criminal judges of terrorist nature.

Information from the mayor

The decree then provides that the Governor may suspend or revoke approval, depending on the seriousness of the breach, if he is not aware of CER’s commitment. The suspension is declared for six months and can be suspended if the association again proves to respect the contract. Conversely, at the end of the suspension, if the sports association still does not respect the promise, the governor will withdraw the approval. In this regard, suspension or withdrawal orders are affiliated with the mayor, where the association’s headquarters are located, the president of a public body for inter-municipal cooperation, and, where applicable, the association.

The other provisions of the decree relate to the Sports Federation and are no longer under supervision, but under the control of the Ministry of Sports. They stipulate that on the one hand they must also be members of the CER and on the other hand they justify their ability to participate in the implementation of public service missions related to development and democratization. It provides protection for the physical and moral integrity of members, especially minors.

“Some observed community practices”

The decree was issued shortly after the government submitted a report to Congress on the measures assigned to the fight against the intensification of the sports association, and Localtis obtained a copy. This report, stipulated by the Financial Law of 2021, covers a system developed by the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Interior for staff training and detection of intensified licensees, athletes, educators, leaders and volunteers.

The report demonstrates that in 2020, specific checks of 103 physical and sports activity facilities (EAPS) were carried out in 21 departments. This results in seven injunctions or formal notices to normalize the indicated violations (display failure, insurance or safety rules), two notices of impracticality, and “some observed community practices”. Has occurred. These results are consistent with a recent report by the National Director of Education and Sports Research (IGESR) on “Phenomenon of Communitarism within Sports and Youth Associations in Collective Acceptance of Minors or Other Youth Acceptance Structures”. There is. “A limited number, varying in intensity, but sometimes worried,” pointed out an example of community tension and pressure (read the May 12 article).

There is no “element of gratitude” in the field of sports

The government report also states that as of November 8, 2021, if the Ministry of Sports “promotes action” related to “reporting pedagogy” and “EAPS management and control”, the Sports Department will be 32 years of age or older. It stipulates that he was not aware of it. Checks carried out in 11 departments. The results are “not representative of the reality of the controls implemented, […] The report states “Lack of automated tools for collecting statistics” and “Skills to SDJES (Department Services for Youth, Engagement and Sports) away from DDCS (Department of Social Cohesion)”. I am questioning “relocation”.Central management from decentralized services […] In addition, there is great human tension (a constant reduction in the workforce over the years) while continuing to implement multiple public policies that are important to each other. ” This decline in sports ministry’s intervention capacity has already been highlighted by the IGESR report. Conclusion: The Ministry of Sports “dedicates itself to the fight against the intensification of the sports association and has no specific means assigned.”

In addition, when the Radicalization Prevention National Plan (PNPR) was implemented in 2018, it was not considered appropriate to establish a system to centralize and process reports specialized in the sports field. be. A report that must be forcibly processed locally, under the authority of the department secretary. ” And he explains: [et] Direct link between the governor and services under his authority […] It should not be confused by other circuits related to the central government being notified of possible events or reporting priorities. And the report concludes: There is an element of evaluation regarding detection of licensees, athletes, educators, etc.Because our strategy focuses on pedagogy in reporting to actors who may use it […].. “

Towards a common report on youth and sports?

Nonetheless, the report reports that the Counterterrorism Coordinating Unit (Uclat) “prevents the extremism of the nature of terrorists (FSPRT) known to practice physical activity or exercise every six months. The file) provides a “main tendency of individuals to be monitored”, he added. Data that “makes it possible to have a representative vision of the phenomenon in the whole sporting practice”. Again, the report is barely detailed, and the Interior Ministry liaison officer is happy to say that the occasional request was “not many and does not make it possible.”[e] Draw conclusions, if not one point. ”: These demands may suggest that“ qualitative advances in the approach to this subject and the exchange of partner services at the local level have materialized. high”.

In conclusion, the government’s report considered creating a “channel for reporting to the Ministry of Sports on attacks on secularism”, or more broadly, a “channel for reporting common to the structure of the youth sector”. It states that it is. Sports (group reception for minors and sports associations) “.