The dizzying freedom of expression of the duo on the rooftops of Paris

A thin opening in the tin roof in the heart of Paris leads to a dizzying and special playground for Charles Poujarde and Melanie Buffeteau. As a couple, they indulge in parkour and travel high above the city.

On this particularly hot morning, Charles Poujade and Mélanie Buffetaud have few options for high-altitude walks. You must avoid hot, slippery zinc overflows and find buildings they can enter and climb to.

They called on their friend from the parkour community, U’Mood (the artist’s name), to visit the streets of Paris. Their choice fell on a beautiful building on rue de Rivoli after a failed attempt near the Pompidou Center.

The trio dig up the fire escape on the top floor and quietly climb up quietly, reaching the heights through a small window. When it crosses, the “tracer” (the name given to parkour practitioners) climbs the ladder to close the skylight. Infinite worlds open to them.

“The idea is to be as discreet and inconspicuous as possible. If your neighbors see you, you’ve failed the mission. If you leave no trace, they won’t know someone has broken into your roof.” Charles Pujade told AFP.


In the building across from La Samaritaine, several people were seen running, jumping and kinking on the roof and were arrested. After a few centimeters of feet and dozens of double somersaults, there was a vacuum.

“At first I was dizzy. Finally, it’s not really dizzy, it’s acrophobia. We fight, face, and work with fear. To stand without losing balance, I climb 2 meters high every day. up to, and getting higher and higher each day.emphasize Poujade. “A little fly over the roof like a movie character”.

A fan of parkour for 14 years, Pujad trains only on the ground, “Sometimes I Climb Higher”For the past four years, he’s been doing Parisian airwalks with his partner Melanie Buffeteau.

Photographer Melanie Buffeteau, while still kind in nature, does not seduce the devil and feasts on the images offered to her.

“That’s the only way to love this city. You have access to special places and scenery that make you want to create. Lights, shadows, perspectives that you want to capture. And also the fact that it’s a privileged place. You go there.” requires skill and trust in chimneys and sheet metal and supports.It’s zenith, Paris but calm.”confides in this 27-year-old Clermontois.


The Tandem (“thug”published by Michel Lafon), with two Youtube channels (together about 3 million subscribers), has made a name for itself in the art of the travel scene.

One of their videos, Chase on the Beach in Parkour Mode, has amassed approximately 125 million views in the year following its release.

Since this success, they have been able to fund all their projects, extending it to sports entertainment. Poujade is one of his main and regular contestants on the game show Ninja Warriors, both of whom in 2019 he became the world champion of Chase Tag, a new sport similar to the game of cat and mouse. rice field.

On the rooftops of Paris, Charles and Melanie think one last time about the beauty of the city before sneaking back through a small window and heading back downstairs.

Everything will be returned to its original place without any noise or words. They descend the stairs and open the building’s door to the hustle and bustle of Paris.

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