The European Union bursts in the face of Russia

“World” editorial. On the fourth day of the war he unleashed against Ukraine, Vladimir Putin had already made two achievements on Sunday, February 27th. He returned to NATO its raison d’etre and made the European Union an organization capable of providing military aid. To a foreign country.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is right: that’s a good thing “Decisive moment”A historic turning point in defense policy achieved by the EU on Sunday night to come to support Ukraine under attack. Under the leadership of Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, 27 foreign ministers provided € 450 million in funding to send deadly weapons to Ukrainian troops to resist Russia’s invasion. I adopted it. For non-military equipment.This support, which may include fighters, will be added to the already promised delivery of weapons. Individually by several member countries. The EU has never performed this function. “Taboo has fallen”Borel commented.

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In addition to the recently already decided financial and economic sanctions on Russia, the Commission announced two important measures on Sunday: all Russian planes or coalition airspace to planes controlled by Russian companies. Bans and bans on Russian media broadcasts RT and Sputnik stop their disinformation campaigns.

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Therefore, Brussels confirmed the maxim that the EU will only move forward in crisis. This is a maxim that has already been proven during the Covid-19 crisis. Faced with Russia in recent years, paralyzed by the differences in member states’ sensibilities on this issue, the Union has so far been unable to pursue a clear and unified policy on Vladimir Putin. The sanctions decided after the annexation of Crimea were certainly unanimously renewed semi-annually, because they were painless. The magnitude of Mr Putin’s fault this time has caused the necessary European shock.

“new era”

To enable this surge, it took a swing in the state it was blocking. Of course, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Oban has just sacrificed his friendship with President Putin. But above all, Germany has just finished a revolution in defense and security. It is a turn within the turn. After several days of cross-examination and political fermentation caused by the situation in Ukraine, the Olaf Scholz government found it obvious. It was no longer possible to stay by the side of the road.

“The Ukrainian invasion heralded a new era.”Recognized the Prime Minister in Parliament on Sunday and announced that Germany would increase defense spending to more than 2% of GDP and deliver weapons to Ukraine above the minimum NATO set. Previously, Berlin succumbed to pressure and suspended approval for Nord Stream 2, a German and Russian gas pipeline.

These dramatic reversals will have long-term consequences in Germany and Europe. Faced with the tragedy of the war at hand, Europe is finally giving itself a way to act as a geopolitical force. It is up to the member states to solidify this stance. They will need it terribly.

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