The final day of the Orleans Loire Art Show dedicated to urban art at Palais de Sports

His nose glued to a table crowded with as many characters as acid tones, Julian and Matthew, ages 3 and 5, are paying close attention to the posters that will soon be displayed in their rooms. Of Saint Jean Doralel.

Parents in their 40s, Emily and Pascal, cannot resist the talents of Nicholas Barom Forgs and Nielk. “Yes, there are monsters there, but they are nice monsters. Children don’t read the same as we do,” Emily said under the charm of the exhibition proposed at the sports hall. laugh.

“We come every year. We love it!”

Orleans Street Art Festival: “No. We will be holding a Loire Art Show in the pool!”

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Not only the family of Boeotia, but also fans who packed street art.We are surprised to slip into the neck of the changing room dressed up with the touch of an artist Jackie picks up the camera..

And here he is filming Pascal and Natalie. These are two complicity models that don’t have time. What I found on Instagram.

“I came to the scout on Friday. This quirky decoration is amazingIt’s different from what we do in the studio, “confesses the photographer who has already left to assemble the frescoes and duo.

Frederick takes a selfie by pointing his arm-length cell phone at the open mouth of a large basin. Glued, tight, Caroline, his wife, Timeo and Mathis, their children. “Unusually, this place helps to make the work stand out. It is accessible regardless of the sensitivity of each“Slide the conquered Caroline.

“Bathhouse of art”

On a glass-enclosed pottery tile at the bottom of a large pool, 37-year-old dad Guillaume slides his ass with his five- and two-and-a-half-year-old daughters Matilde and Dahlia in their arms. “Cool. Carefully selected artists. It’s really colorful for kids who come to enjoy art.”

With numbers
The swimming pool couldn’t dream of a more beautiful hideaway. Uninterrupted human wave tactics struck it. Again on Sunday, shortly after the open house, security services were temporarily provided to ensure that the gauge of 172 concurrent visitors was not exceeded.
On the clock, the festival has had a happy day recently. 661 admissions on May 31st. June 1st is 780. 2 599; 3rd 1.061; June 4th 2,022.

At the bottom of the pool Sylvie in her 50s from Orleans feels that memories are emerging...

“I say I was doing a long distance underwater here,” she says.

His son, Axel, stands overhanging and immortalizes the moment by filming the entire family in the giant fish of Seher One, Mexico.

In this flood of praise, 83-year-old Jean-Pierre is swimming against the tide. Airtight and totally insensitive to the charm of Naiad by the same artist: “It looks like a dead girl!”

The frescoes dripping in color behind the numbered plots also don’t have that favor. You can shrug your shoulders just by arranging very colorful portraits. “It seems inspired by Josotto. Some are ugly, but overall it’s good. Lascoe has a cave, a lube and a swimming pool museum. There’s a sports hall,” he concludes with a smile.

By chance of many conversations of visitors, we were surprised this Sunday, This is a repetitive question, but I can’t answer it for the time being. “But what about this place?”

Go. On the final day, Monday, June 6th, enjoy the Loire Art Show from 11am to 7pm on the ground floor of Palais Desports. Free admission.

Philip Ramond