“The fire was running at speed!” Letters of recommendation from residents, vacationers and refugees at Shijun Sports Hall

Of the approximately 500 people who had to evacuate their homes due to the fire in Mondale, 92 evacuated to Shijun’s sports hall. Camping beds, sandwiches, proximity. These temporary “climate asylum seekers” stories.

“A neighbor rang the doorbell at 5 am and said he had to evacuate.” Joëlle Lofficial is one of 92 people who found a temporary bed in a sports hall in the town of Sijun at the end of the night.

Finistere has small eyes at the gym this Tuesday morning: “I didn’t sleep much before because I heard the tractor and water tank passages go back and forth.”

Like her, Philip testifies: “They knocked on my door at 4am. There was still a lot of smoke … and we were all left in the convoy, the gendarmerie was in the village.”

Many people do not sleep all night around Lake Dreneck. Fires have been spreading in the Mondale sector since Monday afternoon. “I was sailing the lake when I saw it burning.RenanDeLaunet says.

The young photographer is familiar with the location, so he went to Crete to determine and understand the extent of the damage. “It’s dramatic, it’s our legacy of smoke in front of me.”

“We have never seen it!” Jean-Yves Faujour, who also had to evacuate, adds. “The fire started at Mont Saint Michel, continued to the broken cross, and then descended towards Sijun …” he The wind was blowing and I went very fast! I was running at speed !!! “

If the man painted the feature, it was also because, as Deputy Mayor of Bomur, he did not stop after the fire broke out: “I evacuated with the mayor at 3:30 am. It was early at night.” Admit the discreet Jean-Yves Faujour.

The one chosen is not the type to develop, but we hear him trade with some citizens: “I want to thank you.“In this gymnasium with a green floor, let him slide to a resident who is also a temporary refugee.

The mayor and his agents spent the evening warning residents for most of the night. “”Residents show courage and resilience. Salute it because it’s not easy. ” Note the first city council member of Bomur Eric Prigent. “There is no free pass,” he had to escape from the commune, but “I’m lucky to have a family not far away, so I’m with them. ” This Tuesday morning he still came to the gymnasium to pay homage to, listen to and reassure the work of the Red Cross.We hope that it will be resolved quickly and that life will resume its rights.

Around them, the expelled inhabitants are relativized: “I’m from here. I knew the fire in Mondare from an early age. Relativize Marie Francoise. I followed the instructions. The house wasn’t destroyed, I wasn’t like a bed, I almost slept. “ She keeps smiling.

“I’m with my boy, so it’s okay.” Complete Dennis awakened by the military police at 6 o’clock this morning. “We left home, anyway it disturbed me a bit, but hey: we keep our spirits even if it’s a little painful.”

Along with all these inhabitants, the Dutch family is cautious. Around the two camp beds, there are two teenagers and someone who spends a strange holiday. “We are here for a week in a nearby villa.” Hank Stickfort, the father of the family, explains. “”When we saw the flames, we were swimming in the lake. There was a lot of smoke … “

“I couldn’t see anything after that, so I thought everything was calm, but I was awakened by the police at 7am and told me I had to move to this gym and come here.” The Dutch who want to see things in sight say:

“”People are very kind here, it puts balms in the heart. You have to wait for the good news to leave. I knew there was a fire in France, but I didn’t really think of it in Brittany! It’s an original experience! ” Finish the tourists.

No casualties have been reported since Monday night, but nearly 500 people have been evacuated by firefighters and military police. Most migrated with relatives, family and friends in the area, but others took care of: A total of 200 people, including 6 childrenAccording to the governor.

The room was armed by volunteers from the Red Cross. “People who want to sleep could sleep in a camp bed. This morning we found something to serve them breakfast at all bakeries in the area, and a cold meal gave them this afternoon. Will be brought. ” Complete Stylite Daniel, Sijun’s first assistant.

From Monday to Tuesday night, “Due to the progress of the fire in the sector, authorities have evacuated the municipalities of Bomur, the settlement of Ti Belon in the municipality of Saint-Rivoal, and the settlement of Lududerk in the municipalities of Rokinaluk and Sijun. The prefecture said.

There are two accommodations in Sijun and Landivisiau.Prefecture “You don’t have to worry about the burning odor you’re feeling right now, because of the weather conditions that make you smoke near the ground.”..