The French futsal team, slightly beaten in Toulon (2-3), kept Brazil away.

There are 18 different world rankings, but less class differences. Bruce certainly experienced a defeat against Brazil (2-3) in Turon on Wednesday night and is only the second of the last 12 outings (friendly), but the main ones are elsewhere. I have.

They first caught the hearts of the masses and succeeded against the Slovenes on Monday, when a large number of people gathered in the sports hall (about 3,000 people) during yesterday’s historic conference.

Luc Boutria / Nice Mattin.

After that, they were able to compete with someone they would like to find someday in the international scene. In this official game.

The man does not say the opposite. Pierre Jackie, who led the French team 217 times until this summer and gave honor before the meeting. Neither was his successor, Raphaël Reynaud. “The real pride is that we have won the respect of Brazil (we already had the respect of the futsal world). I saw it in the eyes of coaches and players, they I was scared! “

Luc Boutria / PQR

And the palace has risen … the best country on the planet-and nevertheless deprived of its best elements-nevertheless, it has made an entry for N’Gala’s partners. After 20 seconds of play, exactly this cannon signed Arthur after his first attempt (0-1, 1st). But their motives were not compromised.

Luc Boutria / PQR

Certainly a little rough, they gradually came out of their shell. Believing in their chances, they moved their enemies. And it was rewarded at the beginning of the second period, and Menendez abused the confused corner (1-1, 23).

Luc Boutria / PQR

In the process, it rained in hot weather in front of a Brazilian cage. However, Belhaj, Ramirez, or Mohammed played against the vast Guitara, who finished the game with nearly 20 saves.

And during the weak tricolor time, almost inevitably, thanks to Arthur, Seleção pierced with service from Gilhermann and then Marlon (1-3, 37th).

Luc Boutria / PQR

The French then put all their troops into battle by taking out goalkeeper Durot. With an extra player Kazura, Mouhoudine was put in a position to unleash a fierce strike. The palace was delighted (2-3, 38 days).

Toulon Futsal France Brazil at Sports Palace Luc Boutria / Nice Mattin.

Enough to put an end to an emotional match. During that time, the experienced Brazilians did not quiver and were unsuccessful. But they know. They know that one day, like an 11-year-old soccer colleague, the blues can infest at night.

Luc Boutria / PQR

Data sheet

At the Toulon Sports Palace, Brazil beat France 3-2 (1-0).

Referee: Messrs. Perissier, Chaix.

Audience: Approximately 2800 people.

French goals: Menendez (22’07), Mouhoudine (37’32).

Brazil’s Goals: Arthur (0’20, 32’43), Marlon (36’13).

Post-match reaction

Rafael Raynaud, French coach: “What was my first reaction? I was disappointed because I had the ambition to beat Brazil tonight. Now I have given ourselves a way to fight great nations, great players. Very much for our performance. I’m happy with it, but that’s not enough …. In front of the goal, success wasn’t lacking, but technique. I knew it would move Brazil, but I didn’t know what the score would be. I’m proud. Have and players need to keep believing in them .. “

Macros Xavier De Andrade, Brazilian Coach: “Congratulations to the French team. It was a quality match. It meant that there were two great teams on the pitch. It was important for Brazil to come here to continue developing futsal in France. France The team has shown that it is a good level and will continue to evolve. Tonight France has proved that it has a good level of competitiveness. “