The Giants’ clash keeps all its promises everywhere between Djokovic and Nadal (2-6, 6-4).

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00:22 : @RATP Night Session At around 0:55, there is still room to see the end of the fourth set.

00:22 : Good evening Pierre, is there a timetable for the last transit of the subway at Porte d’Auteuil?

00:20 : Do you think the 5th set will come? Novak Djokovic is leading 3-0 in Central after completing a new service game without delay.

00:19 : @passionate_tired Even a little late, I regret that the interview with the Australians got stuck around 9 o’clock tomorrow. But unfortunately.

00:18 : The champion is tough and some will wake up at 5:30 tomorrow 🥱

00:17 : You have to say that, @CharlotteAs Djokovic defeats the Spaniards from the beginning. Under the central boo that took up Nadaru’s cause, Serbs 2-0.

00:14 : I dare to believe in Nadaru’s victory in 4 sets 🤞🏻. I can’t imagine his last match at Roland being the 1/4 final 🎾!

00:13 : The match is great, but I’m scared of the moment when it’s too late for the spectators to leave the chaterie. I didn’t understand why Amazon continued to kick off at 9pm. # RG22

00:11 : Novak Djokovic has won the service game leading 1-0 in this fourth round, sticking to the service and powerful in return.

00:09 : It will be interesting to observe the start of Novak Djokovic’s set, which has missed every start since the start of the match.

00:08 : @Riley It’s this year that the night session in the strict sense was this particular atmosphere, these different play conditions, and this slightly different public, young, VIP-less, a bit violent, and won the Roland Garros. I really have the impression.

(For me, so far I’ve been using lemonade, but there’s no sign of slowing down on his side. I’m saving a 5 minute bathroom break for later use).

00:06 : This “night session” was not ashamed of its name. Pierre, how many liters of coffee do you need to get up?

00:05 : Let’s see the news:

• Without abbreviation “Systemic crisis” Health sector Emmanuel Macron announces launch of new fact-finding mission “One month for unplanned care“.” Evaluate the situation of the emergency system very concretely “, Traveled to a hospital center in Cherbourg (Manche) and guaranteed the head of state. The caregiver’s reaction is quite skeptical. “I have more fear than hope”, In this way, it was declared to France Info to Pierre Schwob Tellier, a nurse and a member of the Inter-urgences group.

•• “Most” Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine is now under the control of the Russian army and has announced Sergei Guydai, the governor of the Luhansk region. “Unfortunately, Russian soldiers dominate most of the city today.”He declared on Ukrainian television and estimated Severodonetsk “90% destroyed”.. Here are some things to keep in mind from that day:

• Anger continues in Liverpool three days after the organization’s failure in the Champions League final at the Stade de France. Club president Tom Werner has demanded an apology from French authorities for pointing his finger at Reds supporters. He blamed sports ministers Amelie Udea Castella and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin for their remarks, and blamed British supporters for being the main cause of the incident.

• Rafael Nadal just won the third set when I left you, so the clash between Nadal and Djokovic continues and keeps all promises. Tireless Pierre Godon will continue to follow this live meeting with you.

00:05 : Rafael Nadal wins the third round of this amazing game. It’s a regular set with not many flights, but the Spaniards don’t undermine his joy: he leads 6-2, 4-6, 6-2.

00:01 : A new 100 € question to you Pierre: Why does Rafa look so sweaty from his right buttock?

11:59 pm : Rafael Nadal is 5-2 with a midnight stroke shortly ringing and service continues. We are approaching 3 hours of play.

11:56 pm : So, if you’re an upset early bird, you secretly want Rafael Nadal to hit 6-1, 6-0 in the third and fourth sets. This isn’t the scenario I like … but you never know.

11:53 pm : @Quiderafaoudjoko Will Rafa then leave for 4-1 in the third set for Rafa, who seems to be benefiting from the breathtaking “Joko” in the wonderful second set? not me. And those who are lucky enough to have a place in Central.

However, there are four seats available near the front row player’s bench.

11:51 pm : Good evening Peter! Is the stand still full at this point?

11:47 pm : And Rafael Nadal holds his fierce service game, leading 3-1 in the third set, which lasts 22 minutes. Therefore, the average situation is 5 minutes per game. We are not sleeping yet.

11:46 pm : It’s not easy to beat Roland anyway 😅

11:46 pm : A comment from Frenchman Gilles Simon in front of the proposed stratospheric game (and Nadaru who is likely to become Stefan Edberg by climbing that way on the net).

11:45 pm : Advantage, Double Fault, Twist, and 10 Minute Border Expansion Game. Like everyday.

11:37 pm : @Sylvain At the end of the evening session at the Australian Open, I had the opportunity to chat with physical trainer Marcos Baghdatis, who played at 4am. The time to massage and eat the player was back at the hotel around 8 o’clock when the other players went out for morning training.

11:34 pm : @Crissd tires Absolutely, the ball boy is dressed darker than during the day during the evening session. And the nights at Porte d’Auteuil are cool, especially when you don’t have to move, so line judges are eligible for a bit of K-Way. Roland-It was the minutes of fashion since Garros 😉

11:34 pm : Good evening, thank you for the French information and your work! From the start of the tournament to the present, I noticed that the ball boy changed the color of the T-shirt. It’s an evening issue that intrigues me!

11:31 pm : I skipped the freediving course, I told them tonight I have Roland Garros with Rafa / Joko, it’s the same!

11:29 pm : @mat I found an aggressive Rafael Nadal who directed the exchange, shortened it, and prevented Djokovic from embarking on his priority channel. If the Spaniards continue at this pace, the match isn’t over for him.

11:28 pm : That’s it, Nadaru goes to the net … and it scores! Entry break!

11:26 pm : So, let’s start this third round. Rafael Nadal turned (quickly) to the locker room to change his T-shirt. There isn’t a little wool yet, but mercury has dropped dramatically in Paris at around 16 ° C.

11:22 pm : That’s it, Djoko is back in the set everywhere. We feel fresher and more comfortable than Rafa. Nevertheless, I predict that the Spaniards aren’t saying his last words!

11:21 pm : Wow? So it might be better to miss the end of the top chef, it doesn’t bother me, but it’s impossible. Tomorrow we will finish the night in the office.

11:21 pm : After 2:30 and 6-2, 3-0 Nadaru, how can I explain to my brain that there is only one set everywhere?

11:21 pm : Novak Djokovic won the second round after nearly an hour and a half fight just for this set! Serb is now 2-6, 6-4! And think he went down 3-0 at the start of the second round (certainly an hour ago).

11:19 pm :There is none! If the center court meter lead is held, we will continue to play.

11:18 pm : What is the maximum time to stop?

11:17 pm : @kat There is no time to average, but the 2004 Santro Clement match (6-4, 6-3, Five-7, 3-6, 16-14) lasted 6 hours 33, including almost 2 hours in the final set, but was the longest play to date at the French Open. Then maybe …

11:17 pm : Have you ever seen a systematically long-lasting game? In other duels ???

11:14 pm : @Isa

11:13 pm : The good thing is that we’re all probably exhausted, tomorrow we have work, school, etc., but to vibrate for one or the other, without an image of our part, we Stays glued to the live … go to the figure …

11:13 pm : Novak Djokovic continues his service game to lead 5-4 in the second set, with a classic composition that is very rare in this match. There are no half a dozen breakpoints to save, no stratospheric points … I think we weren’t used to it.

11:10 pm : This Djokovic-Nadal will be even longer than the Girondins Bordeaux season. # Roland Garros 🎾

11:09 pm : Rafael Nadal managed to keep serving in another huge game of almost 10 minutes to keep the score at. This match is still breathtaking.

11:01 pm : Novak Djokovic leads in the first score in the evening and 4-3 in the second set after the game of service, which lasted “only” 10 minutes. A straw of the scale of the previous game …

10:57 pm : Nadaru seems to have only half a set on his leg against Djokovic. What a set and a half … If the second set goes for my Serbs, that’s it.

10:57 pm : Rafa is beginning to be physically dominated. It’s the end. Djokovic wins in 4 sets.

10:57 pm : In the camp of Nadaru supporters, flies seem to have changed the donkey …

10:52 pm : Did the tournament manager consider a stand-up pastry and hot coffee street sale between the 4th and 5th sets? …

10:51 pm : Based on 1 hour 45 minutes for 15 games, 6 hours for 5 sets

10:51 pm : As confirmed, Novak Djokovic has returned to the game after winning a 20 minute monumental game after 6 breakpoints.