The heart of RC Narbonne is still beating

Racing led 8-26 on the 53rd and found the resources needed to take the draw in a stop time with Grenoble (32-32) last night. He is still alive mathematically.

This racing has a heart. This Narbonne has courage. I’m looking forward to seeing this RCN. Of course it’s too late, but still: “Snapping a draw in the 82nd minute is a sign of a team with resources.”At a press conference, remarks forward coach Bryce Mach.

With a 13-point difference to Rouen and a 15-point difference in three games, it is unlikely that Narbonne will be maintained this season. However, the team is still beating even if the dice are thrown since the bitter blunder (17-46).

These Narbonai, who led 26-8 in the 53rd minute, scored two points from the draw at the stop time (32-32) against Grenoble yesterday. I have the courage. It is also the second draw of the season following the one recorded in Vannes (13-13).

At the sports park, which sounded more empty than usual, the first 15 minutes of the hour was a revival of racing and surfing with a good glimpse of Colomiers (24-12 defeats). The start of this match is led by a match against the Grenoble team. Grenoble played in this draw yesterday, fearing his stomach and seeking maintenance, but he hasn’t won yet. For the man of Nicholas Nadau, the deadline is just late.

Tuesday night board of directors

Sure, you can blame the RCN for a lot this season, but you certainly don’t have the courage to play more liberated and pressureless. Racing has the advantage of not giving up, and from the second minute it is a masterpiece of Boris Gutard, whose acceleration exposes the defense to the wind (5-0, 2nd place). Audois is an aggressive and in-place player. And, like Narbonne, there is never a problem-free plan. The case is complicated by this stupid yellow card collected by Jordan Rokie, who afflicted the team with his arms crossed on a clothesline (22nd). Grenoble suddenly picked up the ball and moved forward logically. The second yellow card against Boris Goutard (29th) did not solve the problem, and Grenoble scored three tries in the 7th minute (27th, 30th and 34th). Three attempts with a common detonator: Italian star Ange Capuozzo, who ignited Hughes and the accompanying fire each time. Narbonai, who was very badly hurt by a double inferiority complex in half-time, was officially demoted to National, with Rouen winning 19-7 against Provence, 8-19.

On the 51st of Gournoble 8-26, the carrots are definitely cooked. But no, this racing doesn’t give up, it doesn’t give up. And we can write it without quivering: this team may have had a different face to Bezier. Except for not rewriting the history …

Nueno (15-26, 57th), Malak (22-26, 62nd), and the demon of this chaput has a downtime (32-32, 80th + 3), and this morning, racing over and over again. Is also breathing. Either way, it’s fun to watch. at last. If his future is still dotted, if there are so many questions for the next season, another match that needs to start behind the scenes where the board of directors will meet at 6:30 pm on Tuesday Become.

These players have shown the way anyway: with them, racing will not give up next season.

RC Narbonnais32

FC Grenoble Rugby 32

Narbonne (park of sports and friendship). 2,000 spectators. Half time: 8-19.

Referee: Benjamin Hernandez (Auvergne).

For NCR: 4 trials Goutard (2), Nueno (56), Maraku (61), Chaput (80 + 2), 3 conversions Pialot (57, 62), Meret (80 + 3), 2 penalties Pialot ( 17), Meret (75).

For Gournoble: L. DuPont (27), Camilleri (30), Kadiri (34), Segure (51), 3 Balceremi Conversions (31, 35, 53), 2 Valceremi Penalties (68,) in 4 trials 77).

yellow card: At RCN, Rochier (22), Goutard (29); Gournoble, Martell (54).

NCR: Goutard – PH. Ducom, Nueno, Maraku, E. Ducom (Mias, 52) – (o) Pialot (Meret, 65), (m) Chaput (Nova, 40-77) – Belzons, Axtens, Madaule (cap.) (Caffo, 57) – Sese (Fortuin, 52- 68), Fortuin (Nouhaillaguet, 42) – Cotet (Loudet, 52), Rochier (White, 54), Martinez (Moïse, 57).

Grenoble: Capuozzo – L. Dupont (Farnoux, 58), Séguret, B. Ezcurra, Qadiri – (o) Fortunel (Barthélémy, 27-37 then 40), (m) F. Ezcurra (Escande, 50) – Blanc-Mappaz (cap.), Martel (Schoeman, 64), Schoeman (Berruyer, 54) ) – Douglas (Lainault, 72), Lainault (Madeira, 50) – Kaïkatsishvili (Taufa, 45), Camilleri (Strippoli, 64), Zhvania (Gauthier, 50).

Score evolution: 5-0, 8-0, 8-5, 8-12, 8-19, 8-26, 15-26, 22-26, 22-29, 25-29, 25-32, 32-32.

“This match reflects the season.”

Valentin, 8-26, we thought you were going to give up …

It was a very complicated season with ups and downs. But we have always shown that we have resources. The first win of the season asks for it in Aix-en-Provence when we lead very quickly (12-0 on the 17th). This match against Grenoble reflects some of our season in terms of our state of mind.

What did you say to yourself in 8-26?

Of course, it was complicated to say that there were resources. We asked ourselves a question, but in any case we had no right to let go and told ourselves that there was nothing to lose if we left the internal organs there. So even if you end up wearing a tie, sitting down and watching the video has a lot to solve. There are four penalties that you don’t put in the background. But I’m here because I told them I’m going to look for a match with this gut.

Do you regret the whole season when you see a match like this?

Yes, because we tell ourselves that we probably couldn’t speed up in time. If the season is badly over, and if you think everyone is dead in such a match, I think you can raise your head and return to National. For me, this is the most important today. Stay proud.

Sleeping orange fleet

As announced, the Irrange Armada Supporters Association was not at Clape’s stand last night for the reception at Grenoble. The sides were very empty and the atmosphere seemed very dull.

Lace in black jersey

For the first time this season, RC Narbonne played all black at home, clearing up the “orange and white” colors that fans are talking about.