The hunter “assumes” that he did not invite Yannick Jadot to the candidate’s wonderful oral, “a person who always spits on you.”

Thierry Coste, French hunting lobbyist, political adviser to the National Federation of Hunters, “Completely assumed” On Tuesday, March 22, France’s Amfo, France, invites ecologist Yannick Jadot to the oral presidential candidate before a federation meeting in the morning at Maison de la Chimmy in Paris. I didn’t. “What’s the point of providing him with a platform?” that is “A person who always spits on you”, He wonders. Jean-Luc Mélenchon from La France insoumise will also be absent. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are represented. Candidates need to discuss the location and role of hunting in our society.

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franceinfo: Why didn’t you invite Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon?

Thierry Cost: I’m completely assuming. It’s always hard to hear people tell a lot about hunting in the media, but I’ve never accepted a dialogue with us. We are not going to be hypocrites. A person who always spits on you without talking to you, we all say the same, the point of providing him with a platform when what we are interested in is talking about substances What is it, it’s not about talking about the controversy over some proposals, we’re about criticizing a lot and discussing substances about biodiversity, places of hunting in rural areas. And why didn’t they get their phone for five years? I had a lot of discussions with Yannick Jadot. Every time I told him, “We are open.” It’s all just as crazy, he shouldn’t have a phone.

What do you expect from other candidates?

Hunting is a social subject and, of course, a divisive subject. This is a local activity involving 4 million people and we need to discuss tomorrow, 5 years and 10 years from now. What do you do at the hunting ground? How do you coexist with other users? How do you discuss with farmers and forestry workers? Hunting is a “conflicting” activity in the field. The damage to the game will soon be 100 million euros. Therefore, we have real subjects related to agriculture, forestry, local elected officials, and other natural users. The discussion is open.

Is this wonderful oral also an opportunity to discuss hunting accidents?

Of course, coexistence with other natural users is very important, so I will tackle this theme. In most cases it works very well.

“We are 7 or 8 dead. There are too many 7 or 8 dead, but they were very responsive in terms of security. In fact, there is a dramatic over-mediation around the subject. If discussion. “

Thierry Cost, Political Advisor to the National Hunters Federation

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The discussion will be with the candidate, but above all with all other natural users within the next two months due to the actual information discussion about proper usage. I think you can hunt and take a walk every Sunday and public holidays. It needs to be explained well. And when you have to compromise in a certain place, you have to compromise because you may be too focused to share. This is what we do in state forests. Weekend hunting is prohibited. And that hasn’t been a problem for 25 years.

You were treated fairly well by Emmanuel Macron during his five-year term. What more do you expect?

It’s not complicated. Five years ago, Hunt had so many open topics that there were 30 suggestions to submit to all candidates. Today, there are six specific points. It all shows in the same way that we have done a lot of work for five years. So it is not only the strong action of Willy Schlen, the President of the All-Union, but also the very strong support of the President of the Republic. But he did not just do it for hunting, but did what we wanted hunting to be integrated into biodiversity policy. I joined the French Department of Biodiversity. Previously, the hunting office had a majority of qualified personnel. There are only 3 members left. We have developed Nature Police, which is also a hunting police force. This is very good. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron’s record is very good. There is no doubt that this is why we make so few proposals and why we are so much involved in how we support this fairly positive reform five years ago.