The luck of Maxim Barre, a swordfighter who was soon released on his land, never calms down.

On Sunday morning, March 20th, he still believed it like iron. “The worst podium, or even a win if it’s a joke.” But Maxime Valet took the opportunity on the second day of the Cercle Nevers Escrime-sponsored national M17 circuit, released by Neem Noam Duchenne in the 32nd final. Disillusioned with Maison des Sports de Nevers.

“He always stayed at the end of the track, it wasn’t mine.”

Therefore, it is not really planned in the program. “Of course I knew him, but it wasn’t possible there. He doesn’t look good on me. He’s always behind the track, stuck, waiting for us to play. It didn’t happen because it wasn’t about me. »»

The future, chosen for the Doha World Championships in early April, did not hide his frustration. “Yes, I was disappointed. I was looking forward to a hit. But I was quite angry with this game. However, I was in qualifying in the morning. I won 5 in 6 games. Here. Also, I was playing with my family and friends at home, so there was a little more pressure than usual. I’m sorry. Now I’m focusing on the World Championships. We’ll be there soon. » »»

Three comrades, Maxime Barre, William Gawlas, Lorenzo Cambournac, and Gabriel Brunet, also got engaged this Sunday and did it by hand. “I put some unnecessary pressure on myself,” admitted William Golas. “In fact, I’ve been stuck in 16 rounds for a while, so again today I drank water right away, and I can’t stand up, given the winner Sacha Lebel. , Defeated him twice at the Burgundy Championship last week. It doesn’t make sense. I need to reach a new milestone. »»

On his side, Lorenzo Cambrnack was coming to study. “The level was very high. I would still have wanted to go a little further. »»

Perfect organization

Sportingly, the weekend didn’t live up to the expectations of fencing master Richard Golas. But it’s not fixed. ” Saturday (March 20)Claire da Silva did what she could. (Sunday, March 20), Maxim has fallen badly. We can understand because I know he doesn’t like this kind of waiting swordfighter, “he admitted. “Then, if it had made him smile a little more, he might have had the means to go to the quarterfinals. Now he has a big goal. June World Championships and French Championships. am. “”

Nonetheless, Richard Golas enjoyed this rich weekend from the perspective of the general organization of the event. “There was only good feedback from the club. It’s very encouraging for the whole club. »»

Sunday results.. M17 Boys: 1. Sacha Lebel (ASPTT Dijon); 2. Gregory Raysny (Bry-sur-Marne); 3. Leo Barrett (Douai) and Ainara Hamefi (Sangratian); 5. Theo Speismann (CS Vittel); 6. Benedict Chanu (Bove); 7 .Ferdinand Turin (Grunoble); 8. Cador Beautyman (Valenciennes); 9. Tompshell (Lille); 10. Ludovic Blondeau (Avon) … 19. MaximeBarre (CNE) … 90. William Gawlas (CNE) … 96. Lorenzo Cambournac (CNE) … 104. Gabriel Brunet (CNE). M17 girls by team: 1. Beauvais; 2. Boulazac; 3. Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes selection.

Pierre Brelard