The mask will fall where you are eligible for the vaccination pass

There is no better mask in museums, cinemas and restaurants. One of the symbols of the Covid-19 epidemic is no longer required at locations eligible for a vaccination pass after Monday, February 28th. In France, while illnesses are declining sharply, further relaxation of health restrictions is expected.

However, masks are still required for transportation such as trains and planes that also require a pass. At the same time, most of the health restrictions will be lifted at the reunion.

Changes to the rules for vaccinated contact cases

The rules for contacts and vaccinated people will also change. From now on, two days after the contact case is declared, only one test (self-test, PCR, or antigen) will be required instead of the previous three. Even if the self-test is positive, an antigen or PCR test is required to confirm the results. If the test is positive, the 7-day quarantine period does not change.

At school, Zone B is followed by Zone A, which is the return from vacation, and the restrictions are relaxed. The school protocol will be level 2. This allows you to remove the mask during breaks and increase the mix of students at the same level. Starting Monday, a child who declares a contact case will only need to do one self-test two days later, before being able to return to class if he / she is negative.

Epidemic reduction

According to the government and the High Council for Public Health (HCSP), measures have been justified by a reduction in epidemics and a constant decline in hospitalizations since peaking at the end of January.Faced with an agent on Thursday, Olivier VĂ©ran repeated “Consider lifting the pass in mid-March” Especially when the trajectory of decline is confirmed for hospitalization.Health Minister “Caution” When “Optimism” Revive “normal”Can be considered as “In the next week”..

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The decline of the fifth wave, which began last fall, continues, with 25,484 people infected with Covid-19 hospitalized on Friday. This is 634 less than the day before. Of the inpatients, 2,546 are being treated with critical care centers that welcome the most serious forms. In other words, there are 110 fewer people in 24 hours.

In the criteria for validating all or part of the vaccination pass for one month, the government mentioned the number of critical care centers of less than 1,500 by mid-March.

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Measures canceled by reunion

Most of the health restrictions enforced after 1er January was lifted on Monday at Reunion Island, with the curfew in particular being lifted from 11 pm to 5 am. The territory does not require you to wear a mask outdoors. There are no more gauges in public facilities such as stadiums, restaurants and bars.

this is “Considering the favorable evolution of health data” Prime Minister Jack Billian “loosen” “Measures to curb epidemics on the island. As of February 22 (Monday), the incidence rate (contamination per 100,000 inhabitants) was 1,592, and the occupancy rate of the intensive care unit was 82.4%. Currently 108 Forty of the intensive care units are occupied by patients infected with SARS-CoV-2.

If this trend of improvement is confirmed, the reopening of nightclubs and the re-approval of permanent concerts and permanent consumption at bars, cafes and restaurants will take place in early March, La Reunion Province said.

1er The incidence in January was 1,300 and the intensive care unit occupancy was 90%. These indicators continued to deteriorate over the next few weeks. The incidence reached 5,480 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest number in France. CPR was tense with a 91% occupancy.

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